Iran Launches missiles at US military bases, causing zero casualties. How should the US respond?

 Iran Launches missiles at US military bases, causing zero casualties. How should the US respond?

It is said to have launched the Conqueror 313 ballistic missile with a range of 500 km.

The U.S. military bases attacked by missiles are located in Erbil and Assad provinces. More than 10 missiles were hit, but there were no casualties.

Irans foreign minister later declared the end of self-defense and said Iran did not seek war.

Statement of Iranian embassy in China

After the missile attack, foreign media reported that the White House is preparing a speech for trump, and will make a national speech. Then the White House issued a statement that President trump will not make a national speech on the night of the 7th.

Originally, the situation was tense, and suddenly fell into a strange calm.

According to the latest news from the U.S. central command, Iran launched a total of 15 missiles, 10 of which hit Assad air force base, one crashed, and the other four were unknown. Because the U.

In addition, according to the missile debris found at the scene, it can be judged that Iran has launched two kinds of missiles, one is the aforementioned Conqueror 313, the other is the qiam-1 missile (qiyam - 1). The two missiles have a range of 500-600 km, of which the conqueror 313 can carry a 500kg warhead, which is far more powerful than ordinary rockets.

Two types of missiles launched by Iran, Conqueror 313 (upper), and qiam-1 (lower)

It is said that six qiam-1 missiles were launched from Tabriz, Iran. The target is Erbil base, but five of them lost their target in the flight, and one was intercepted by the US military.

So the outcome of all missiles is zero.

But for Iran, whats not the best outcome without it?

After all, there is a great deal of anger in Iran. Sulaimanis death has inflamed the anger of the Iranian people, even led to a serious stampede at his funeral, causing dozens of deaths and injuries.

Suleymanis funeral was huge

If the Iranian government does not give its people an account, how can it step down?

But if Saddam used Scud missiles to attack the U.S. base in Zahran, 28 people were killed and more than 100 injured, the basket would be broken, and trump would have to step down if he did not declare war on Iran.

So, the missile hit out, no one was hurt, and then immediately declared the end of self-defense, which had to be obeyed.

But the United States obviously doesnt think so, because after all, Iran pounded a dozen ballistic missiles towards the U.S. military base, which is not a mortar or a homemade rocket, but a real weapon with great power. The Americans obviously have no self-restraint. So we sent F15 fighters back to the field. Before that, six B52 fighters had been sent to the American base in the Indian Ocean, where they could fly to Iranian airspace in only four hours.

B52 bomber, data sheet

What the world is waiting for now is the statement of President trump of the United States. After the missile attack, trump said that the U.S. military is all right and will make a speech on the morning of the 8th, when you will know what his final decision is.

There are only two kinds. The first one is not to declare war, but to fight back in a low-key way. Since there are no American casualties in the attack, there is no need to start a war, send fighters to attack the troops in Iran at fixed points, or simply to bomb the open space and show, both sides can step down smoothly. Before that, Israel killed thousands of Iranian units in the Middle East Team, the Iranian government should have never happened.

The second is the declaration of war. Of course, the result is self-evident.

Strangely enough, trump has predicted this situation many years ago. Its very insightful.

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