Raiola recommends lingard to Milan! Manchester United ask 40 million pounds

 Raiola recommends lingard to Milan! Manchester United ask 40 million pounds

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Alessandro giacoboni tweeted that Raiolas new client, lingard, has been recommended to AC Milan in the past few hours. The 27 year old is from Manchester United Youth Training and joined England in the 2018 World Cup. However, in 2019, Lin gards condition was in a low state, and there was no goal or assists in the Premier League all year round, which was questioned by many fans.

Due to the transfer crisis of Pogba and the tense relationship between agent Raiola and Manchester United, Raiola even publicly stated that I will never bring my players to Manchester United again. Lingards contract with Manchester United is only one and a half years away, and there is no renewal negotiations, but he chose to hire Raiola as his agent at this time, which led to speculation that lingard might want to leave Manchester United.

Now Alessandro giacoboni has proved it immediately, and lingard has been recommended to Milan by Raiola. Raiola works closely with the Milan club. Milan players donoruma, romanioli, Ibrahimovic and Suso are all Raiolas players. In the early hours of this mornings English League Cup, lingard started for Manchester United but did not perform well and was replaced early after the break.

The mirror has previously reported that Manchester United are interested in buying Leicester City player James Madison for Lins money this summer. The United estimate for Lin is 40 million pounds. For the current AC Milan, such a high transfer fee is unbearable. If lingard really wants to join Milan, Im afraid Manchester United need to reduce the price.

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