Nanyou Student Lab died: no suicide note found after leaving the dormitory with lighter

 Nanyou Student Lab died: no suicide note found after leaving the dormitory with lighter

On the evening of January 7, a reporter from Beijing News visited the dormitory of Tan Dawei, a deceased student. It was located on the 4th floor of an apartment building in Xianlin Campus, with the door locked. According to the students in the dormitory next door, Tan Dawei has lived here since he was a graduate student. On December 27, the day after Tan Daweis accident, his roommates have all moved away.

The dormitory where Tan Dawei lived before his death is now locked.

A person familiar with the matter told reporters that Tan Dawei and his classmates had been criticized by his mentor Zhang Hongmei on the afternoon of December 25. Later, he learned that someone saw the monitoring video of the dormitory on the day of Tan Daweis accident. When Tan Dawei left the dormitory for the laboratory, he took a lighter from the dormitory. He lit the lighter when he went out.

Beijing News reporter learned that after the fire in the laboratory, the college informed the relevant experimental group to count the number of people and found Tan Dawei lost contact.

A student from the school of materials told reporters that the reagents used by the school of materials should be placed in a special explosion-proof cabinet according to the standard management, locked and registered when they are used at ordinary times, but it is also very easy for students in the group to get them.

Some students said that after the incident, all experiments in the whole building of the college had been suspended and the recovery time was not clear. Many students are worried about the impact on graduation and experiment.

Access to the sixth floor of the school of materials has been closed.

The people familiar with the matter told him that he understood that Tan Dawei had not been found to have left his suicide note.

On January 5, 2020, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications announced that Zhangs Postgraduate Tutor qualification had been cancelled, and all the graduate students under his guidance were transferred to other tutors according to the students wishes, and the follow-up investigation and processing were in progress.

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