Iranian ambassador to China: if the United States retaliates against Iran, it will be decisive

 Iranian ambassador to China: if the United States retaliates against Iran, it will be decisive

Irans ambassador to China receives an exclusive interview with I am an ambassador in China on overseas website

Overseas network, Jan. 8 Xinhua local time, 8, Iran to two U.S. bases in Iraq launched attacks, increasing tension in the Middle East. In response, Irans ambassador to China told extranet that if the United States attacks back, Irans retaliation will be decisive.

On the morning of the 8th, after the attack on the US military base, the overseas network contacted the Iranian embassy in China to make an interview about the incident. When the overseas network asked the other side, if the United States retaliated against the attack, what would be Irans response. Irans retaliation will be critical, Irans ambassador to China told overseas. Com When the overseas website further asked, what is critical, the other side changed a word to express, decisive.

Iran launched an attack on two U.S. bases in Iraq Wednesday, launching a total of 15 ballistic missiles. US media said that 10 of them attacked the US air base in Assad, Iraq, one hit the city of Erbil in northern Iraq, and four failed to fly..

After the attack, Iran responded.

Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard issued a statement, warning the United States and its regional allies not to retaliate against the missile attack on the U.S. military base. We warn all U.S. allies that any territory starting from aggression against Iran will become a target. Irans revolutionary guard particularly stressed that if the United States responds, it will get the strongest retaliation. A commander of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard later said Irans missile attack was only the first step and said it would not let us troops go.

Irans Foreign Minister Ali Zarif tweeted Thursday morning that Irans missile attack on U.S. military facilities in Iraq on the same day was a self-defense measure against an earlier armed attack by the United States against Iranian citizens and senior officials within the framework of Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations. He also said that Iran does not seek to escalate the war, but will protect itself from any aggressor.

According to CNN quoted Irans Fars news agency, Khamenei also spoke to the public the same day, saying that the United States may harm Iran, but they will double their harm.

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