Mercedes Benzs engine has been broken three times a year 4S shop: no quality problems

 Mercedes Benzs engine has been broken three times a year 4S shop: no quality problems

On January 6, a staff member of the 4S store involved in the matter responded to the surging news that there was no quality problem with the vehicle sold, the first cylinder blowout was caused by the customers personal reasons, and the current conditions did not reach the standard for returning and replacing the vehicle, suggesting that the customer personally entrust a third-party organization to test or take the legal way to protect the rights.

According to Mr. Zhao, on October 1, 2018, he bought a Mercedes Benz cla200 model car with a price of 300000 at the above 4S shop, and picked up the car for use on October 11. On August 1, 2019, Mr. Zhaos car broke the oil pan for the first time due to the scratch during driving. At that time, the car was sent to the 4S shop. The 4S shop and the insurance company said that they had scraped the oil pan, so they went through the insurance process, and the 4S shop came to repair it for me. The first accident resulted in damage to the vehicle oil pan. Picture provided by interviewee

On August 20 last year, Mr. Zhao picked up the repaired car and continued to use it. But after driving for 5 days, he was driving out of the toll station on the high speed, and heard the sound of the car, I called the 4S shop, they said that they had just repaired the car and it was ok, but the louder the car was, and the speed couldnt be raised all the time, so he could only drive to 30 or 50 kilometers. After driving for a while, the sound of Dong Dong Dong appeared I stopped by the side of the road and found that there was something wrong with my car.

Mr. Zhao said that after the car was sent to the 4S shop again, the maintenance personnel told him that the engine cylinder broke out and the parts needed to be replaced. They told the insurance company that the first time they didnt fix it, the insurance company offered a new compensation plan, and the 4S shop replaced the parts for me.

To Mr. Zhaos surprise, 15 days later, the car broke out again, and it happened when driving on the highway. At that time, I was in the overtaking lane. There was a large truck beside me, followed by a small car. When I was about 100 km / h, I suddenly lost power and smelled a strong smell of oil. All four of us were terrified. We were afraid that the car behind us would hit us.

After the car was sent to the 4S shop for maintenance for the third time, Mr. Zhao found an egg sized hole in the engine block and was told that he could only replace the engine. This made Mr. Zhao unable to accept, there is no external force or wading in the normal driving process. Why is there such a serious cylinder blowout ? Is it the quality of the car, or is it the one that should have been replaced during maintenance, or is it not the original part? Third accident maintenance sheet. Picture provided by interviewee

To this end, Mr. Zhao asked the 4S shop and him to jointly entrust a third-party identification agency to detect the vehicle fault, Im afraid that I will send it for inspection, and the 4S shop will not accept the identification result. But the test request was rejected by the 4S store. Later, Mr. Zhao asked to return (change) the car, which was also rejected. They said they would give me another engine and two more service, but there were three problems in a row. This car didnt detect the cause of the accident. I really didnt dare to drive. Said Mr. Zhao.

On January 6, surging news called Yunnan Zhongsheng Yuanan kunxing Benz 4S store about this matter. A staff member of the store replied that the first cylinder blowout occurred because the customer scraped the oil pan during driving and continued to drive when the fault light was on, resulting in the engine cylinder blowout. We and the manufacturer have been very active in this matter, but we cant communicate with this customer.

But what is the cause of two cylinder blowout after maintenance? The 4S store staff said they would not disclose it on the phone.

As for Mr. Zhaos request for returning (replacing) the car, the staff member said that at present, Mr. Zhaos car condition has not met the requirement of returning or replacing the car. Because the first cylinder burst was caused by his own scratch, the 4S shop has no reason to help him return (replace) the car due to personal reasons.

We dont think theres any problem with this car. The customer thinks theres something wrong with our quality and maintenance. They can carry out the inspection by a third-party organization on their own. We also support him to carry out the vehicle inspection, the staff said However, the 4S shop refused to entrust the test with Mr. Zhao and bear the cost of the test. Whats the reason identified by the customer? We will put forward a targeted solution, but we cant guarantee to pay the cost of the test and maintenance. The staff member also suggested that Mr. Zhao should take a judicial approach to safeguard his rights.

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