Deciphering the executive meeting of the State Council in 2019: why is the word mentioned 245 times

 Deciphering the executive meeting of the State Council in 2019: why is the word mentioned 245 times

Of all the topics, about 70% are related to stimulating market vitality, 40% are related to ensuring basic peoples livelihood, which constitute the two major concerns of the executive meeting of the State Council!

In the high frequency words of the Standing Committee, the word steady appeared 104 times and ranked fifth. Whats the first word in that row?

Enterprise is the most popular word

Among them, small and micro enterprises are particularly concerned

Among the 245 times that enterprises were mentioned, small and micro enterprises accounted for 49 times, which attracted special attention.

For small and micro enterprises, the Executive Committee of the State Council has set a policy of tax reduction of 200 billion yuan per year for three consecutive years. How to reduce the comprehensive financing cost of small and micro enterprises has also been discussed in at least 3 executive meetings. Premier Li Keqiang said that small and micro enterprises are the new force for economic development and employment. We must ensure that there is significant progress in solving the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises.

Focusing on enterprises, the most frequently discussed topics at the executive meeting of the State Council focus on two aspectsu2014u2014

In 2019, the accumulated tax reduction and fee reduction will exceed 2 trillion yuan. At the executive meeting on October 16, Premier Li Keqiang specially listened to the report of this work. Two days before the meeting, when he was in Shaanxi for inspection, he also temporarily walked into the small Sales Department of Xians old community and the roadside rougamo shop and asked the shopkeepers about the business tax and other information.

In the 2020 business environment report released by the world bank, Chinas ranking rose 15 places, ranking in the top 10 economies with the largest improvement in business environment in the world for two consecutive years. On October 8, the executive meeting of the State Council passed the regulations on optimizing the business environment (Draft), and decided to upgrade the effective experience and practice in the reform of releasing management service in recent years to regulations.

High frequency Ci of peoples livelihood

The most frequent change of housekeeping

Stable employment is the first of six stability. The executive meeting of the State Council has repeatedly stressed that employment is the greatest livelihood of the people, and at least nine meetings have deployed relevant policies, including 100 billion vocational skills improvement actions, 1 million higher vocational recruitment, job stabilization assistance, support for flexible employment, etc.

Medical treatment and drug use are the focus of peoples livelihood in the past two years. At the executive meeting of the State Council on February 11, four ministers successively reported on the price reduction of anticancer drugs and the use of drugs for rare diseases. Policies such as the increase of reimbursement amount of outpatient drugs for patients with hypertension and diabetes and the expansion of pilot scope of centralized drug procurement were also determined at the executive meeting of the State Council.

Among the high-frequency words of peoples livelihood, some words have changed compared with 2018.

Housekeeping was raised 31 times more than in 2018. Premier Li Keqiang stressed at the executive meeting that promoting the expansion and quality improvement of domestic service is related to the well-being of thousands of households and an important measure to meet the needs of the rapid development of aging and the implementation of the comprehensive two child policy.

The transformation of old residential areas and one old and one small are also topics of more attention in 2019. Peoples concerns, such as installing elevators, building parking facilities, providing for the aged in the community, and caring for children, have attended the executive meeting many times.

Price appeared 13 times more than the previous year, and pig / pork appeared 14 times more. The executive meeting of the State Council clearly proposed that the measures to ensure the supply and price stability of pork should be implemented as soon as possible, and the local government should immediately cancel the regulations on banning and restricting the raising of pigs that exceed the laws and regulations.

The Standing Committee of the State Council also devoted a special discussion to sports consumption, which had not happened in the previous two years. At the meeting, measures were deployed to promote the effective opening of public sports facilities to the society. Premier Li Keqiang specifically requested that fitness be added to the title of the document to integrate the development of sports with the needs of the people.

At the executive meeting, the premier stressed: we should combine the work of the government with the peoples urgent hope for the basic peoples livelihood. Only when the foundation of peoples livelihood is consolidated can the foundation of development be consolidated.

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