Ren Zhengfei called it a key technology in 5g industry (with shares attached)

 Ren Zhengfei called it a key technology in 5g industry (with shares attached)

So why 5g must use millimeter wave? Telia, the mainstream operator in Sweden, gives a very clear explanation: the large-scale supply of some emerging applications, only with millimeter wave technology, 5g can enjoy freely, but not low-frequency and medium-frequency. In 5g era, after using millimeter wave band, you can easily use 5g mobile phone to watch blue light quality movies online.

6G has been put forward as early as last year, 5g era has expanded from less than 6GHz to millimeter wave frequency band, while 6G has officially entered the terahertz (THz) era, so the application of millimeter wave technology is very important for 5g and the development of 6G in the future.

2020 or the first commercial year of millimeter wave

In fact, as early as October 2018, Huawei opened the worlds first 5g millimeter wave commercial first call based on 3GPP. The commercial success of the millimeter wave head marks the maturity of 5g millimeter wave network and related industry chain based on 3GPP, and the global 5g millimeter wave application begins to sail. At the 5G millimeter wave technology innovation seminar held in late July last year, experts said that China Mobile has completed the verification of key 5G millimeter wave technologies and plans to realize the commercial deployment of 5G millimeter wave in 2020.

In addition, Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, recently said that Huaweis success in 5g technology is due to the pledge of CM wave, while the millimeter wave of 6G is the general direction. Although the construction of 6G network is ten years later, it must not be taken lightly.

Apple in the United States has been secretly carrying out research and application of millimeter wave technology. According to the latest reports of foreign media, the 5g iPhone supporting millimeter wave will be launched in December 2020 or January 2021, at least three months later than the normal version (supporting 5g in sub-6g frequency band), which shows the complexity of commercial millimeter wave technology.

At the same time, TSMC received Apples 5g antenna packaging order, which is specifically for 5g millimeter wave system integration.

In addition, guru, a California startup, claims that it has discovered the secret of radio wave charging and developed a wireless charging system that uses millimeter wave to transmit electricity.

Active layout of millimeter wave technology in upstream and downstream industrial chain

From the perspective of company size, the market value of 23 companies totaled 527.265 billion yuan, of which ZTE and Pengding holding stock market value exceeded 100 billion yuan. In 2019, China Academy of communications developed and built a 5g millimeter wave compact field RF test system, and ZTE took the lead in completing the verification of various RF indicators of 5g millimeter wave base station. Pengding holdings benefits from the promotion of 5g mobile millimeter wave, and LCP industry is about to prosper. In addition, the latest market value of huanxu electronics, Xinwei communication and Fenghuo communication is more than 15 billion yuan.

From the perspective of market performance, the top gainers on the latest closing day are Huazheng Xincai, Desai Xiwei and huanxu electronics, of which Huazheng Xincai rose by 9.35% and Desai Xiwei by 3.57% yesterday. Seen from the cumulative increase since 2019, the share price of Wuhan Fangu has more than tripled, and the shares of Huazheng new material, Pengding holding and shuangxiang have all increased by more than 1.5 times. Hetai, which acquired Chengchang and embraced the opportunity of 5g millimeter wave autonomous control, has seen its share price rise by 125% since 2019; Zhongshi technologys share price rise by 41.75%. The research on millimeter wave module technology of the company is its cutting-edge project. Four stocks lost the market, namely Shenglu communication, Hejia Co., Ltd., Fenghuo communication and Xinguang optoelectronics.

9 shares gained capital positions in Beijing since the beginning of the year

Although the market is not paying enough attention to millimeter wave technology at present, according to the analysis of relevant people, the wave of millimeter wave technology application may be set off in 2020. Foreign companies ambushed ahead of schedule are worthy of special attention. According to data treasure statistics, 9 shares gained capital positions in the North compared with the end of last year.

ZTE has the largest increase in positions, with the latest shareholding ratio of 2.37%, 0.42% higher than that at the end of last year; shuobaid, 0.27% higher than that at the end of last year; in addition, Shenglu communication, Tongyu communication and Xinwei communication also have a higher increase in positions.

It is worth mentioning that Xinwei communication has been investigated by 17 institutions in the past one month. The company has an international standard R & D and testing center with national CNAs and international CTIA certification qualifications and 5g millimeter wave laboratory. In the recent one month, Desai Xiwei and Pengding holdings, which had recently gained the capital to increase their positions in Beishang, respectively obtained 39 and 28 companies for research.

Huanxu electronics, which suffered a small reduction in its position from the capital of Beishang, has been investigated by 96 companies in the past month. In recent one month, the creative information with unchanged capital position in Beishang has been investigated by seven companies, and its performance is expected to increase by more than 130% in 2019.

These stocks are most favored by the tracking funds of longhubang

On January 7, the seat funds of institutions and business departments in longhubang were purchased by RMB 520 million, including 17 stocks purchased and 14 stocks sold. The top three stocks were Dongfang Risheng, new China and grand blasting, with the net buying amount accounting for 15.52%, 11.06% and 16.93% of the trading volume on that day.

From the perspective of Pankou capital flow, the net inflow of main capital is more than 50 million and there are 11 stocks purchased by longhubang, among which the net inflow of capital from New China, zhangqu technology, Yisheng shares is the largest. The largest net inflows are Zhejiang Guangxia, Zhejiang Furun and new China. The net inflows are 44.61%, 33.94% and 31.72% respectively.

Recently, 33 shares have been increased by 1, with a sharp increase in performance

As of January 7, 33 listed companies have been increased their holdings in the past ten trading days, with a total of 312 million shares increased and a market value of 2.509 billion yuan (the change of shares increased shall be subject to the change deadline in the announcement). Among them, Bank of Shanghai has the largest number of shares increased, up to 195 million shares, accounting for 1.47% of the outstanding A shares, with an increase of 1.802 billion yuan; while the company with a higher proportion of the outstanding A shares is CITS united, with an increase of 5%.

Combined with the annual performance (performance forecast), the net profit of St remote, jintongling and other companies increased significantly year-on-year, with growth rates of 80.64% and 38.74% respectively.

26 strands of Shandong medicine glass appeared Yang swallowing Yin

As of the latest, 26 stocks in the two cities have a positive and negative K-line. The biggest gainers on the day were Fucheng, Shandong YAOBO and Tongyou technology, up 10.03%, 6.78% and 5.36% respectively.

It is worth noting that the net inflow of main capital of Shuanghui development, aerospace development and Fucheng stock is the largest, reaching 79.5142 million yuan, 75.8355 million yuan and 51.3749 million yuan respectively.

Recently, it has been rising for 16 days

According to the latest data, 818 stocks in the two cities rose for more than three trading days in a row, while 467 stocks rose for more than five trading days in a row. The top three stocks with the largest number of days in a row were st Xinwei (16 days), * ST Ankai (10 days) and manor ranch (10 days). The top three gainers in the period of continuous rising are * ST Xinwei (118.82%), sunrise Oriental (81.19%) and dabianong (79.12%).

It is worth noting that of the 818 rising stocks in a row, the accumulated net inflow of the main funds of 54 stocks exceeded 100 million yuan. Among them, Wens shares has the largest cumulative inflow of capital, and the main capital has reached 705 million yuan.

Note: the last four tables of this information have eliminated the new shares listed in the past year. Source: Dabao editor in charge: Yang bin_nf4368

Note: the last four tables of this information have eliminated the new shares listed in the past year.