Syria media: US forces in Syria are moving to military bases close to the Iraqi border

 Syria media: US forces in Syria are moving to military bases close to the Iraqi border

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Syrian state television said it had received news that the U.S. military had begun evacuating the Al Omar and Conoco fields.

A number of foreign media just reported a major emergency news: on the morning of the 8th local time, the U.S. military Assad air base in Iraq was attacked by multiple rockets. Later, Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard immediately issued a statement confirming that it had attacked us bases with dozens of surface to surface missiles. AFP said the attack was a response from Pro Iranian forces in Iraq to the killing of general Sulaimani by US forces. In addition, the Pentagon also confirmed that Iran has launched ballistic missiles at us and international coalition forces in Iraq.

CNN reported that White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said trump had been briefed about the attack on the US air base in Iraq.

We have taken note of reports of attacks on US facilities in Iraq. The president has been briefed and is following the situation closely and consulting with his national security team, Stephanie Grisham said.

CNN reported that some U.S. lawmakers said that at a meeting with the main Democrats in the house of Representatives on the evening of the 7th local time, House Speaker Pelosi was discussing the situation in Iran when she was informed that the United States had been attacked by rockets at its military base in Iraq.

Moreover, according to press TV of Iran, US officials confirmed that several US military positions, including US bases in Iraq, had been attacked.

Reported that Assad air force base is the second largest air force base in Iraq, which is located in the west of Iraq and is the base of the United States and coalition forces. Assad air force base is the base with the largest number of U.S. troops stationed in Iraq at present. At the same time, there are multinational forces stationed in the international alliance against the extremist organization Islamic state.

On March 3, the U.S. air attack on Baghdad International Airport killed Qasim Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade and Abu Mehdi muhandis, deputy commander of the Iraqi Shiite militia peoples mobilization organization.

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