Libyan armed groups capture Gaddafis hometown and plan to fight Turkish army

 Libyan armed groups capture Gaddafis hometown and plan to fight Turkish army

Sirte war

According to Saudi Arabian television reported on the evening of June 7, the spokesman of the national army of Libya said that the national army launched an all-round attack on Sirte from five directions on Monday. After more than three hours of fierce fighting, it has completely occupied and controlled this strategic area. Turkeys Anadolu news agency said Monday that a multinational force attacked Sirte, the government of national unity said, and the army thought that the war would make 120000 local residents face the risk of death and displacement, so it withdrew from Sirte. The Lee government stressed that the withdrawal was tactical. Photos and videos released by some Sirte citizens and the National Army on social media show that the national army seized a Turkish armored vehicle just put into use. There are also videos showing the national army occupying the kardabiya air base near Sirte.

Sirte, though small, is an important port city along the Mediterranean coast and the home of former Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, Egypts Dawn newspaper website said. After the fall of Gaddafi, the extremist group Islamic state (is) occupied the city in June 2015, making it the largest base of is outside Syria and Iraq. After the Libyan government of national unity drove out is, it took control of Sirte from December 2016. According to the financial times, the capture of Sirte was a blow to the government of national unity, and the national army was getting closer to Tripoli.

Turkish troops

In December last year, haftal, leader of the national army, said that the national army has entered the final stage of military operations to attack and seize Tripoli. In order to counter the offensive of haftar, the government of national unity of Liberia asked Ankara to provide military assistance to Libya after signing a memorandum of understanding with Turkey at the end of last year. Before the fall of Sirte, Turkey had sent troops to Libya.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with CNNs Turkish channel on the 5th that Turkish troops have begun to travel to Libya. He said that the purpose of sending these troops is not to fight in Libya, but to avoid things that would cause humanitarian tragedy and destabilize the region. Turkish president said the forces will coordinate their operations, will establish an operation center in Libya, and a Turkish General will lead their military operations. In addition, Erdogan stressed that there will be other forces responsible for the actual operations in Libya, and the members of the force are not Turkish soldiers. Al Jazeera said the first Turkish soldiers are believed to have arrived in Libya.

Some experts said that Turkeys military assistance to the government of national unity will be used to fight against foreign aircraft belonging to the haftar forces and force the forces attacking Tripoli to withdraw to their original places. According to Egyptian news reported that haftal 6, called on all Libyans to take up arms, against the Turkish army has arrived, regardless of men and women, children and the elderly, soldiers and civilians..

Asking for help from the government

In addition to seeking assistance from Turkey, Prime Minister salaj of the Libyan government of national unity visited Algeria on the 7th. According to Algerian state television, after President teben met with salaj, the Afghan presidential palace issued a statement saying that President teben called for an end to the escalation of tensions in Libya and to keep the region away from foreign interference. The Afghan government strongly condemns all kinds of violence in Libya, and considers Tripoli as a insurmountable red line. Al Jazeera said Tuesday that Turkeys foreign minister chawushiolu also paid a visit to Algeria on the same day and met with Afghan foreign minister bukadum. The two sides issued a statement saying that the talks between Turkish and Arab officials will cover the latest progress in the situation in Libya and ways to avoid the impact on the Libyan people, neighbors and even the entire Mediterranean region due to the deterioration of the current crisis..

Al Jazeera said Algerias foreign ministry announced that bukadum held telephone consultations with the Secretary General of the United Nations, Guterres, and the foreign ministers of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Mali, Niger and Chad. According to the Algerian presidential palace, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke with Arab President teben and formally invited Algeria to attend the Libya conference in Berlin. The foreign ministers of France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus are expected to hold a meeting on August 8 to discuss how to reach a comprehensive solution to the Libyan issue, German voice said Tuesday.

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