Li Yapeng held a charity party to auction Li Yans painting Lou Yixiao

 Li Yapeng held a charity party to auction Li Yans painting Lou Yixiao

Netease Entertainment reported on January 8 that on January 7, Li Yan uploaded a photo in the real-time dynamic of her social account with the following text: see you in the evening. In the photo, Li Yans hair is loose and her makeup is exquisite. She leans on the doorplate barefoot, picks up her mobile phone and takes a selfie to the camera. It is worth noting that in the picture, the ground is full of paint, and the painting just finished should be placed next to the mirror. See you in the evening refers to the Yan Ran Angel charity party held by Li Yapeng.

A few hours later, Li Yan shared a picture of the scene of Yan Ran Angel charity dinner held that night. According to the introduction on the screen, Li Yans painting is a copy of the work of Italy painter Amedeo Modigliani. Li Yan, from 8137 kilometers away, wrote.

That night, actors Lou Yixiao, singer awaking, Zhang Yuan and others showed up. Lou Yixiao took pictures of Li Yans paintings. Lou Yixiao said: this painting is very meaningful, because Yanran fund can be said to arise from Yaner. I can see the confident smile on her face, hoping to pass on this love, and make a little contribution to the public welfare through my own strength.

Lou Yixiaos auction

Li Yans calligraphy works

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming, nv5736