Chinese and American womens volleyball team captains final against Zhu Tings Tianjin Womens volleyball team

 Chinese and American womens volleyball team captains final against Zhu Tings Tianjin Womens volleyball team

Zhu ting (top right) spiked in the game. Xinhua News Agency

On the evening of January 7, the final of the womens volleyball Super League in 2019-2020 season started, but the first round showed a one-sided situation.

In about an hour, Tianjin Womens volleyball team won 3-0 at home, and did not let Shanghai womens volleyball team get more than 20 points in any set.

It seems that even with Larson, the captain of the American womens volleyball team, it is very difficult for Shanghai womens volleyball team to win a game in Tianjin Womens volleyball team. In the face of the following series, Tianjin Womens volleyball team has already shown its championship appearance.

Strong team, Tianjin Womens volleyball team doesnt give opportunities

Before the game, the outside world is basically optimistic that the stronger Tianjin Womens volleyball team can be the next city at home, but the process of the game is quite unexpected.

In the first game, Tianjin Women .

25-11, Tianjin Womens volleyball team won the first inning without a fight. After the two games, Shanghai womens volleyball team is still unable to recover the decline, watching Tianjin team to 25-17 and 25-14 next two games, easily winning zero.

From the whole match, the advantage of Tianjin Womens volleyball team is overwhelming. Statistics show that Tianjin Womens volleyball teams spike score is 52-28 far ahead, block score 11-0 is a little surprising.

The star players led by Zhu Ting also shine on the court. In Tianjin, foreign aid Hu Ke, Li YingYing and Zhu Ting scored 19 points, 18 points and 17 points respectively, of which Zhu Ting had the highest scoring rate (78%). In the Shanghai team, the highest scoring foreign aid Larson only got 10 points, and the scoring rate of attack was only 42%.

The players of Tianjin team celebrated the score in the match.

Lack of Lipman, Shanghai womens volleyball team has broken one arm

From the first round of the final, the short board of Shanghai womens volleyball team in attack ability is very obvious. At this moment, Shanghai fans inevitably Miss Lippmann, the foreign aid who supported Shanghai teams attack for most of the sky in the previous match.

Lipman left Shanghai after the second leg of the semi-final to help Germany lose the Olympic Games. Her absence has also had a huge impact on the Shanghai team.

From the current league data table, Lippmann is still the top scorer, and the attack efficiency is also the fourth in the league and the first in Shanghai team. Such a strong foreign aid left, the Shanghai team almost broke an arm.

At the same time, Zhang Lei, a veteran who was ordered to play well in the third leg of the semi-final, was also more well prepared and restricted by Tianjin team in the final. Before the match, Tianjin team manager Wang Baoquan revealed that Zhang Lei, who replaced Lipman, was very flexible in running and attacking in positions 2 and 3, and we also had some corresponding blocking arrangements.

From the perspective of the competition effect, Tianjin Womens volleyball team is undoubtedly successful in destroying the attack of Shanghai womens volleyball team. We have more difficulties in preparation, and we have played something, especially restricting the opponents position 2 and 3 attack on the Internet.

At the same time, the performance of foreign aid Huckel also satisfied Wang Baoquan, this is Huckels best game after I took over the team. Maybe because her attack was not very successful before, the opponent may not be too focused on her.

Can Tianjin win away trophies?

According to the schedule of the Olympic Games lost, Lipman is expected to be unable to return to the Shanghai team in the first three rounds of the finals, which even worries the fans. Im afraid that before she returns to the team, the five game three win system of the finals will be over.

But even if the first round won easily, Tianjin Womens volleyball team did not relax in advance.

After the game, Wang Baoquan reminded the players not to relax ahead of time, we cant take this game to measure the subsequent game. We have to be more difficult to prepare when we are away from home, especially in the receiving and blocking links.

Zhu Tings statement is also quite cautious, the Shanghai team are all old players with rich experience. There are no national team members in their team, and they basically cooperate in the team for a long time. We must do every step well.

In fact, prior to the start of the finals, the Tianjin womens volleyball team, which is widely regarded by the outside world, adopted a low-key attitude. Wang Baoquan repeatedly said in front of the media that the Shanghai team is strong, and the team must be prepared to fight hard, and at the same time, they must open their hands and feet to attack the opponents.

In the next two rounds, the Shanghai womens volleyball team will return to the home court. Even if they are not optimistic, they will try their best to block the seemingly invincible Tianjin Womens volleyball team.

Source: responsible editor of Fanpai News Network: Cao Liqiao and ns1806