Kobe Bryants former teammate: Kuzma annoys LeBron

 Kobe Bryants former teammate: Kuzma annoys LeBron

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Brian Shaw, a Lakers assistant last season and a teammate of Kobe Bryant (later trusted by Jackson), said in an interview that he believed Kuzma would leave.

It is worth mentioning that Shaw had a very good relationship with LeBron when he was the chief assistant of the Lakers, and he also watched the daily operation and influence of LeBron and his brokerage company closely.

Last summer, several young players, like Kuzma, who were valued by the Lakers, were sent away. At that time, he was the only one left behind. Many media also believed that he had the chance to become the third largest player. But judging from Kuzmas performance in this season, dont think about the third giant. LeBron has already given the title (jokingly) to Caruso on social media.