Ding Ding flicks Jones with a flick! Manchester United comedy of the year: rolling defense

 Ding Ding flicks Jones with a flick! Manchester United comedy of the year: rolling defense

Manchester United conceded three goals in the first half of the day. The first one had little to do with the two central defenders, but the second two conceded, both of whom were the background of Manchester Citys goals. The second goal was lindloffs personal show. First, he gave Bernardo Silva a a header in the midfield, and then Bernardo Silva went straight to play. Lindloff didnt tackle the ball, and maheres put in a single knife to swing past the attacking de GEA to break the goal.

The third goal conceded was the contribution of lindloff and Phil Jones. At that time, it was Manchester Citys counterattack. Lindloff forced forward in midfield, but somehow slipped. When he got up late, everything was late. Although he tried to run back, it was only symbolic. At this time, Manchester United still had a chance to hold: Phil Jones and debrone were 1-on-1 in the forbidden area. Debrone was very simple A single wiggle and a single clasp left Phil Jones out of balance, and debrone faced de GEA directly.

In the first half of Manchester City, in addition to these three goals, they also got a lot of chances to score. Sterling shot three times when there was no defense in the forbidden area. Maheres, Bernardo Silva and debrunay all made chances around the forbidden area. If Sterling didnt play Happy football and Manchester United had some luck in the first half, Manchester United might have 0-5 or 0-6 in the first half Fall Behind. There is a big problem in Uniteds defense organization. Many times, there are not many people watching, but Manchester City can find a gap in the forbidden area with a very simple pass, and the two central defenders are very responsible.

Phil Jones has been injured constantly in recent years, which makes his defensive ability greatly reduced after his physical fitness greatly decreased. In addition, due to the few games played by injuries, it is normal for him to be beaten against Manchester City. But lindloff is the main centre back of the season, making more mistakes than Phil Jones, which is very disappointing. In fact, lindloff often makes mistakes when he works with Marquis, but Marquis can quickly fill in the hole for him.

Although lindloff has never proved that he has the ability of a major player in Manchester United, last September Manchester United renewed his contract with lindloff until 2024, and it is said that his weekly salary doubled to 150000 pounds, which shows that Manchester United and Solskjaer value him. Lindloff is now 25 years old. There is not much room for him to grow in the future. Whats more, he has been in the third season of the Premier League this season. He still hasnt adapted to the high rhythm and strong confrontation of the Premier League. Now its not a good deal for Manchester United.

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