Confidence of fans! Saussure: we can turn Manchester City back to Paris is an example

 Confidence of fans! Saussure: we can turn Manchester City back to Paris is an example

We have shown this before: after playing badly at home, we reversed the game away. Paris is a recent example. This time, we should have enough confidence to make a reversal again. Although its a very difficult mountain to climb, we can climb it again. After the game, soshuai said. In last seasons 1 / 8 Champions League final, Manchester United lost 2-0 at home to Paris in the first leg, but beat their opponents 3-1 away in the second leg and successfully promoted.

After the first goal, especially before the second goal, we cant make trouble for them. In the second half, we responded well. In the first half, they scored again and again, and we didnt deal with the setbacks very well. Yes, we didnt find a good way to deal with their tactics. We knew they would play like this. Thats how they beat Chelsea 5-0 last season Said soshuai.

We didnt have much to do with the first one, but the second one was because we were too loose and we didnt get back to our heads when we lost the third one. Its the worst game weve ever played from the first goal our opponent scored to the end of the first half Saussure is helpless.

After the game, the coach also expressed his views on the game. In December, Manchester City lost at home to Manchester United, and today the coach has completed his revenge. The last time we lost the ball, we couldnt control the game, but we did it tonight. In the second half, we conceded the ball in the dangerous area and let the opponent score a goal. We cant forget who our opponent is. Today, we are happy with the result and we won at Old Trafford Guashuai stressed.

Of course, its not over. We have a game to play and well see what happens. Manchester United will definitely fight for a rebound, he said. Last year, they reversed Paris. Their jerseys represent honor and history.

Guarai said it implicitly, saving United face, but his players are quite direct. In the first half, we could have scored 4-5 goals. We had such a chance. In the second half, they put a lot of pressure on us, we were a little tired, but overall, we were happy with the game Bernardo Silva said.

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