Amazing future flagship release: the camera is gone!

 Amazing future flagship release: the camera is gone!

One plus concept ones most striking design is the groundbreaking hidden behind camera brought about by the new electrochromic technology, which can hide the rear camera under the glass.

Oneplusconceptionone hides the whole rear camera module under the back shell of the mobile phone glass. In normal times, the black glass lens is integrated with the whole surrounding glass, and the existence of the camera can hardly be detected in daily use. When you use the camera, the glass on the rear camera lens will become transparent and the lens will be exposed.

One plus said that it took only 0.7s for the latent post shot of oneplusconceptionone to change from full black to transparent, and almost no power consumption. For this reason, one plus has spent nearly 8 months to test, while its glass plate is very thin, only 0.1mm for a single piece, with a total of 0.35mm.

At the same time, the glass can also be used as a camera polarizer, which can help users get clearer and more precise pictures under strong light.

In appearance, oneplusconceptionone combines glass and leather materials, and uses fashionable leather specially made by McLaren for its own car.

Source: it home editor: Han Yibing, nt3945