Todays young people dont dare look up bills

 Todays young people dont dare look up bills

But it has to be exquisite

800 yuan for clothes, 8 yuan for freight

40s take away is OK. Its not good without full red envelopes

Such contrast consumption behavior

Is there a shadow of you?

At the end of each year, the bills of all kinds of apps are like ghost stories

A young man who thinks he lives simply

After a year, in fact, each of them had a large amount of money

Saving is just one side of the consumption view of the contemporary young people

Actually, it s all spent on the blade

But the display must be equipped with the top

Take away is not free of freight

But the anniversary meal must be exquisite

Frugality is only a choice today

Those who seem to be stingy may have their own consumption ideas

The satisfaction in peoples life can only be obtained after the choice

Never look down on those who are dim for a while

They might be shining somewhere else

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