Stop 10 meters + half court replaced! Why did he start again?

 Stop 10 meters + half court replaced! Why did he start again?

Manchester City have been actively attacking since the beginning of this match, which has given Manchester United a lot of opportunities to fight back. As the front waist, lingard has a good performance opportunity, but he passes the ball in addition to the return pass is the cross pass, and his personal breakthrough ability with the ball is basically zero, so he is not competent for the position of the front waist. Manchester City have not defended well this season because of the injury of the centre half and the problems of the new back rodry. They are often attacked and scored by the opponents. However, on the field of lingard, Manchester United have not organized an effective counterattack at all.

The only thing that impressed was a yellow card: in the 35th minute, he led too much in the midfield, Fernando took the lead, and she knocked Fernando down in a panic. At the beginning of dribbling, there was no Manchester City player 7-8 meters around lingard, but he made the ball 10 meters away from him with one foot and almost sent it to Fernando. Such a player with basic skills can play in the first place at Manchester United, which must be said to be Manchester Uniteds sorrow.

This is the second poor performance of lingard in a week. Six days ago, Manchester United in the Premier League played a 0-2 Arsenal game away. Lingard was mediocre as a starting midfielder. Solskjaer was the first one to replace lingard when he changed. But todays unbelieving Ole Gunnar Solskjaer let Lin gard start again, and Solskjaer suffered again.

At the pre match press conference, Solskjaer specifically defended lingards poor performance and explained her role on the field: no one can run as much as he does, he is an important part of our competition, full of energy. Lin gard really works hard and has a good attitude on the court, but as an attacking player, his main task is to attack. He has no performance in the attack. Whats more, just talking about the defensive and running functions, its not as good as a defensive midfield player directly. In midfield, forcing and defending will only be stronger than lingard.

Lin gards mediocrity is in the eyes of many people, but the successive United managers van Gaal, Mourinho and Solskjaer all like to use Lin gard. On the one hand, Lin gards attitude is really good, on the other hand, Uniteds choice in the front waist position for so many years is only Marta and Lin gard (this season, add another Pereira). Matas performance in Manchester United is not as good as one year with the increase of his age. Lin gard has run for some reason. All previous managers have to do is make do with it.

United fans are not satisfied with Lin gard. It seems that Lin gard is not satisfied with Manchester United. Recently, he changed his agent. Knowing that the relationship between Manchester United and famous agent La Iola is tense, he signed for La Iola, which makes many people think it is the rhythm of leaving the team and makes many United fans happy. Because they think that Lin gards leaving is good for Manchester United, at least Todays game proves that.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Hengshan editor in charge: Feng Haotian and nsjs2656