Keep the original intention of the Communist Party of China forever

 Keep the original intention of the Communist Party of China forever

It is an eternal task for strengthening the construction of the party and for all Party members and cadres to keep their original mind and mission in mind.

From early summer to winter, under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the theme education of never forget the original mind and remember the mission was firmly led and deployed under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee. This serious and profound baptism of party spirit has the right timing, prominent theme and distinctive features, and has made great achievements. It has been surging throughout the party and reverberated in Shenzhou.

Let the original intention and mission cast a solid foundation in the hearts of the party members and cadres, and take root in the deep thoughts.

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China recently held a special democratic life Conference on never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind. It continued to set an example and demonstrate with practical actions, and put forward requirements for the whole party to always keep the original intention and undertake the mission.

We will always be on the road.

The decision of the plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to establish a system of keeping the original mind and mission in mind will also be engraved in the soul. With the spirit of thorough self revolution, the flourishing Centennial great party has promoted the new great project of the party construction to develop in depth, and has constantly gathered the great power to lead the Chinese nation to the great rejuvenation.

The above party leaders took the lead in the above rate: the Party Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, carefully planned and guided precise guidance, and promoted the theme education in the whole Partys orderly and in-depth development.

In the practice of leading the revolution, construction and reform, our party always adheres to the new requirements of the partys construction in accordance with the new changes of the situation and tasks and the development of the times, and carries out centralized education in the whole party to constantly consolidate the partys ruling foundation and enhance the partys fighting strength.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China and the 70th year of our partys reign in the country. At this moment, it is just the right time to carry out this thematic education.

General secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech on the theme education in May 31, 2019.

Carrying out the theme education of never forget the original mind and remember the mission is an urgent need to arm the whole party with Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, an urgent need for advancing the party building in the new era, an urgent need to maintain the flesh and blood ties between the party and the masses, and an urgent need to realize the nineteen major objectives and tasks of the party.

On October 30, 2019, Party members of Mazhuang Town, Guan County, Hebei Province reviewed the oath of joining the party in the martyr cemetery in linzili. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang xiaophotographed

With the general requirement of keeping the original intention, undertaking the mission, finding the gap and grasping the implementation, the concrete goal is to gain in theoretical study, to be baptized in ideology and politics, to be brave in undertaking, to serve the people and solve difficult problems, and to be honest and clean as an example, such a profound self revolution has become the conscious action of the new generation of Chinese Communists.

It is up to the whole party to work hard to keep in mind the original intention and keep in mind the mission. Every Party member and cadre, especially the leading cadres, must always be concerned about the partys heart, responsibility and ambition to strengthen the party, and actively participate in this thematic education.

In June 24th, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee issued a further appeal on the collective learning of the Central Political Bureau in June 24th.

Like the tide, like the wind and thunder. The partys centralized education, which was designed by Xi Jinping, general secretary, personally mobilizing and deploying and personally led, has been opened rapidly and the whole Party has been launched rapidly.

Foreign media comments pointed out that the theme education carried out by the Communist Party of China during its founding in 1998 is just to let all Party members understand that only when the belief of never forget the original mind and remember the mission is deeply rooted in their hearts, can they stand the test of long-term governance.

In the middle of July, the water and grass in Inner Mongolia are rich and beautiful, with green color flowing.

Pay attention to the ideological understanding in place, pay attention to the inspection of problems in place, pay attention to the rectification in place and pay attention to the organization and leadership in place;

General secretary Xi Jinpings inculcation and ardent encouragement, pointed out the direction of further development of good theme education, and injected strong impetus.

With the deepening of thematic education, general secretary Xi Jinpings footsteps go further, and the deployment requirements are more detailed and realistic.

In Henan, he pointed out that to carry out theme education, we should let the party members and cadres keep their original heart and undertake their mission in accepting red education, and push forward the great cause of revolutionary martyrs struggle and sacrifice;

When he came to Shanghai, he asked that the development of thematic education should not be based on learning, saying and doing. The fundamental yardstick of measuring the actual effect is to solve problems and promote career development.

On June 22, 2019, volunteers from Shanghai University came to the memorial hall of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China to carry out volunteer explanation service in summer. Photographed by Liu Ying of Xinhua News Agency

From the elaboration of four urgent needs to Four Focuses, from the requirement of four in place to four points, a series of important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping laid a solid foundation for the implementation of thematic education.

We should find the gap between the party constitution and the party rules, study the party history and the history of new China, strengthen the education of patriotism and carry forward the spirit of patriotism The 24 important instructions issued by general secretary Xi Jinping provided an action guide for the solid progress of thematic education.

At the above rate, we will act vigorously.

Comrades of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee take the lead in learning, research and guidance, special party lessons, criticism and self-criticism, and strong demonstration to promote thematic education. The Party group of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, the Party group of the State Council and the Party group of the National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference shall carry out thematic education in light of their respective realities.

The central leading group of never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind focused on the theme education all the time, and strengthened the planning and guidance and promoted the implementation of the work by holding meetings, issuing documents, policy answers, compiling and distributing briefs, etc.

On December 17, 2019, villagers from small and medium-sized villages in Haicheng City, Liaoning Province visited the education exhibition hall with the theme of never forget your original mind and remember your mission. Photographed by Yang Qing, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

The key minority of all departments and units in all regions give full play to the leading role, take theme education as a major political task, shoulder the main responsibility, carefully organize and implement, quickly establish a leading organization, and vigorously promote the high-quality development of theme education.

Scientific deployment and strong organizationu2014u2014

According to the central deployment, the theme education is divided into two groups, each for three months. The first batch includes the central and state organs and their direct subordinate units, provincial, District, city and sub provincial city organs and their direct subordinate units, financial enterprises and enterprises under the central administration; the second batch includes the universities and other institutions of higher learning under the central administration, municipal and county organs and their direct subordinate units, enterprises and institutions, towns, streets and villages, communities, non-public economic organizations, social organizations and other grass-roots organizations, Dispatch and branch offices of the central and state organs, the financial enterprises under the central government and the enterprises under the central government that have not participated in the first batch of thematic education.

The two groups of thematic education have the same main line and requirements and different emphasis.

In the convenience Hall of the party and masses Service Center of Fumin new village, Huanghuatan ecological immigration District, Gulang County, Wuwei City, Gansu Province, villagers came to handle business (photo taken on August 22, 2019). Photographed by fan peifan, Xinhua News Agency

In order to organize and guide thematic education focusing on the main theme, the first batch of thematic education of the central government sent 34 guidance groups and more than 1400 tour guidance groups from various departments and units in various regions to achieve the full coverage of thematic education supervision and guidance; the second batch of thematic education sent 4 guidance groups and 13 tour supervision groups, and various departments and units in various regions also sent a large number of guidance groups to guide correctly Direction, accurately identify problems, and promote the theme education to be good at doing well.

Timely guidance and continuous deepeningu2014u2014

We should conscientiously carry out criticism and self-criticism, see people, see things, see ideas, be open to questions, and carry out a positive and healthy ideological struggle

As a result, the special democratic life meeting has been held in various departments and units in various regions, which is exactly the deployment made by the central leading group of education with the theme of never forget the original mind and keep the mission in mind.

At different stages of the promotion of theme education, the leading group and office of the central theme education successively issued 59 notice documents, which combined with the promotion of major events of the party and the state as well as the reality of various departments and units in various regions, guided the development of theme education more effectively.

Abstain from formalism and bureaucracyu2014u2014

Carry out investigation and research to adhere to the problem-based approach, do not specify the number of times, and avoid piling up; carry out rectification to adhere to the effectiveness oriented approach, simplify documents, simplify meeting activities, standardize supervision, inspection and assessment, and prevent the increase of grassroots burden by filling in reports in the name of rectification layer by layer

In order to carry out the theme education well, Minhang District of Shanghai has clearly opposed and prevented formalism and bureaucracy in the aspects of scheme formulation and implementation of specific measures from the very beginning, and has specially studied a series of practical measures.

Since the launch of thematic education, from the central government to the local government, it has always taken anti formalism and bureaucracy as an important principle, not replacing self-study and discussion with expert lectures and theoretical guidance, not checking account books, not paying attention to leaving traces, not carrying out show style and bonsai style research, paying attention to studying theory, finding problems conscientiously, doing research solidly and one by one Change.

Xiangyang, Hubei Province, focuses on reducing the burden on the grass-roots level and improving the quality of community service, focusing on reducing the plaque, reducing the conference, reducing the certificate and other aspects. For those that do not fall within the scope of community responsibility, they should be cancelled immediately and handed over to the functional departments for handling. Ningxia has specially listed the negative list of non sending documents, which requires that the places and units with large base of sending documents should be reduced by 50% in principle.

On August 23, 2019, at babusha forest farm, Gulang County, Wuwei City, Gansu Province, Guo Wangang (the first from the left) and everyone went to the sand control point (UAV photo). Photographed by fan peifan, Xinhua News Agency

Insist on focusing on Problems and implementing rectificationu2014u2014

Around the implementation of general secretary Xi Jinpings important instructions and the spirit of promoting the Central Committees major decisions and arrangements, all localities and departments and units in accordance with the requirements of four contrasting and four looking for one thing are deeply inspected and analyzed in the spirit of inner revolutionary self revolution.

Through in-depth investigation and research, more than 30 provincial leading cadres in some provinces found and promoted to solve more than 300 problems in their visits; some departments increased the intensity of secret visits, random spot checks and individual interviews, not only to avoid being arranged, but also to effectively reduce the burden on the grass-roots level.

Through in-depth comparative inspection, some departments in-depth solicited more than 200 suggestions from local governments, and team members claimed accounts one by one. In some places, personal self portraits and collective consultation of Party groups were adopted to analyze the nature of the problems one by one, and the root causes of the problems were dug one by one. All localities carried out troubleshooting and rectification to see whether urban construction projects such as local landscape lighting project violated the town Problems such as the law of development, exceeding the carrying capacity of resources and environment, exceeding local financial resources and departing from the will of the people.

The rectification was carried out with real swords and real guns. All departments and units in all regions and regions took the special rectification of eight outstanding problems deployed by the central government as a guide and started from the very beginning. Some departments have carried out comprehensive rectification of more than 400 party branches of directly subordinate organs; some places have put the implementation of the rectification in the main media of the province one day in the sun; some places have specially issued regulations to prohibit leading cadres from using precious local specialties such as jade, Cordyceps, famous tobacco and wine for personal gain.

The direction is not biased, the focus is clear, and the measures are practical.

This is the memorial hall of the long march of the Central Red Army in Yudu County, Jiangxi Province (photo taken on May 20, 2019). Photographed by Xinhua News Agency

Being strict and achieving remarkable results -- the theme education is aimed at the goal, vigorously promoted, achieved solid results in all aspects, and launched a profound practice of the partys self revolution

Since the launching of the theme of never forget the original mind and remember the mission, the majority of Party members and cadres have achieved new results in studying and implementing Xi Jinpings new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, improving their ability to truly believe in integrity and unity of knowing and doing, enhancing self-awareness and self-consciousness of keeping their hearts and responsibilities. We have effectively solved some of the problems that the people are most anxious about and most anxious about, and achieved remarkable results in finding gaps, implementing and highlighting problems.

Study in silence, in-depth research, profound enlightenment, solid rectification, summary and sublimation Looking back over the past six months, in the process of thematic education, various departments and units in various regions have emerged in vivid scenes, outlining a magnificent harvest scene.

Learning and practicing is truly sincere. We have achieved solid results in studying and implementing Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

On November 29, 2019, in Sandu Shui Autonomous County, Guizhou Province, poverty alleviation cadres gathered to exchange learning experiences.

In the past, we have not done enough in terms of accuracy. By further studying Xi Jinpings general secretarys excerpt on the work of helping the poor, we have gained more experience and found more ways to examine and solve problems. This is my biggest harvest in thematic education. A grassroots poverty alleviation cadre said.

During the theme education, Guizhou paid attention to the close combination of theoretical learning and winning the battle to get rid of poverty, engraved its original mind in learning and expanded its ideas in learning, and made continuous efforts to achieve the goal of getting rid of poverty for all the rural poor and all the poor villages with more accurate and effective ideas and measures.

On October 11, 2019, in the yurts of the central household of the party members in enkebaoligacha, Zhenglan Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Party member aorigle (the first on the left) was answering questions about knowledge competition. Photo by Liu Lei, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

The continuous progress on the journey of pursuing dreams comes from the thorough understanding in the depth of thought. In the process of thematic education, all departments and units in all regions read the original works, learn the original texts and understand the principles, and constantly set off a new climax of theoretical learning.

This time I really sat down and learned. Some party members lamented that many of them were confused in their thinking and work, and found their direction and answer from their study.

Through thematic education, Party members and cadres of the central and state organs deepen their understanding and further strengthen their sense of responsibility to share the partys worries and take responsibility for the country; Party members and cadres in all regions have learned to think and understand, laying the foundation for finding the gap and implementing it; Party members and cadres in all enterprises and units carry out thematic discussion and try to find their own problems and deficiencies; Party members and cadres in all colleges and universities carry out thematic education In combination with moral education, we should better fulfill the responsibilities and tasks of educating people for the party and the country.

It is said that in theoretical study, Xi Jinpings understanding of socialism with Chinese characteristics has been deepened, and political identification, ideological identification and emotional identification have been enhanced.

The soul of thought was deeply touched and experienced a serious party spirit tempering and spiritual baptismu2014u2014

On September 20, 2019, in Yongxin County, Jiangxi Province, where the three Bay adaptation took place, a group of young Party members gathered around Tan Huichang, an old Party member, and listened to him vividly tell the story of he yeduo, a peasant party member in the revolutionary period, taking the oath of life protection to join the party.

He yeduos infinite loyalty to the party and the revolution is admirable. We are here to review the oath of joining the party. It is not only to salute him, but also to remind ourselves to abide by the oath of joining the party and remember our original mission. Liu Qing, a party member from Lianzhou Township, Yongxin County, said.

This is the monument of the long march of the Central Red Army (UAV photo) taken in Yudu County, Jiangxi Province on June 12, 2019. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency

In the land of Shenzhou, red stars shine.

This theme education is not only a further deepening and firming of revolutionary ideals and beliefs, but also a great baptism and honing of political soul and political character.

In the thematic education, all localities and departments and units focus on implementing the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinpings important speech and important instructions in this field, and regard them as the basic pointers of every work. They should be carefully sorted out one by one, and a long-term mechanism should be implemented to improve the benchmarking, calibration deviation and implementation. It is a closed-loop work of dedicated personnel, meeting communication, research and deployment, research supervision, on-site verification, timely report and regular review. It has a deeper understanding and a more conscious action in enhancing Four Consciousness, strengthening four self-confidence and achieving two maintenance.

Bearing in mind the purpose of serving the people, we have solved the most immediate and realistic interest problems that a large number of people care about mostu2014u2014

For many years, Yuan Zimings house hasnt got the real estate certificate. Thanks to the special rectification of difficult and slow handling of certificates in the real estate field, which was strongly reflected by the masses in the theme education, Yuan Ziming bid farewell to unregistered houses.

In the special rectification of 8 outstanding problems in the theme education deployment, the national health and Health Commission has incorporated 10 major diseases of childrens blood disease and malignant tumor into the treatment management and guarantee system, benefiting nearly 60000 children every year; the Ministry of education and other localities have actively controlled school dropout, and the number of dropout students in the compulsory education stage of national poverty-stricken counties has been reduced from 290000 to 65000

Centering on the overall situation of the centers service, it has vigorously promoted the reform, development and stability of various worksu2014u2014

In the face of core technology competition, the SASAC of the State Council has improved and supported the central enterprises to speed up the core key technology research policies and measures, and worked hard to solve the neck sticking problem; the investigators of the National Bureau of statistics have conducted in-depth investigation and Research on the front line, interviewed the truth, told the truth, reported the real number, and made a solid statistics on the main economic indicators, as well as various surveys on price, revenue and expenditure, labor force, agricultural output, etc, Timely and accurately reflect the major decisions and arrangements of the central government and the implementation of various reform tasks.

China Three Gorges Group Co., Ltd., China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd. and other Chinese management enterprises have made in-depth search for the gap, reflected on the root cause, constantly investigated their own problems, and carried out systematic rectification around the central work; Yunnan implemented the strategy of building a radiation center for South Asia and Southeast Asia, actively participated in the construction of China Vietnam, China Laos, China Myanmar economic corridor; Zhejiang and Jiangsu fully supported key high technology We should take various measures to stabilize the basic aspects of foreign trade, integrate the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and vigorously implement scientific and technological innovation to support the high-quality development of the industry.

In thematic education, all localities have carried out special rectification of the Yellow gambling and the black and evil forces. The four families in Hulan, Heilongjiang Province, have long monopolized many fields such as local heating and real estate, with nearly 20 billion yuan of assets involved. In this case, 14 umbrellas were killed at one stroke. Jilin thoroughly investigated the black background of the Yellow gambling and the black evil forces, cleared a number of black sheep, and cleaned up the police force.

From deepening the reform of deregulation services to promoting the opening up to the outside world, from improving law enforcement and justice to practicing green development, from promoting scientific research and innovation to overcoming poverty, there are frequent reports All departments and units in all regions focus on the main responsibility and base on the main business, and combine the theme education with the work of stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, benefiting peoples livelihood, preventing risks and ensuring stability, so as to effectively promote the high-quality development of economy and society.

Apricot and plum planting cooperatives shall be established in all villages of the town, with unified management, sales and benefit sharing, focusing on solving the problems of labor shortage, poor management and protection, and poor management of retail investors.

This is a sculpture of the red flag on the eight sides of the heroic mountain near the Revolutionary Museum of the capital of Hubei, Henan and Anhui Soviet areas, Xinxian County, Xinyang City, Henan Province (UAV photo on August 4, 2017). Photo by Feng Dapeng, Xinhua News Agency

Since the development of theme education, various departments and units in various regions have paid attention to deepening theoretical learning, conducting in-depth front-line research, adopting various ways to encourage party members and cadres to take an active role and be brave in doing business.

To be clear, all departments and units in all regions conscientiously implement the requirements of the central government, guide and urge party members leading cadres to manage the people around them with theme education, and take effective measures to prevent problems of leading cadres and their relatives in illegal business.

As a result, many localities and units have formulated and issued specific measures for fault tolerance, error correction, and encouragement. Some localities have reduced one vote veto at the provincial level from 30 to 2. Some departments have paid attention to improving the fighting spirit and ability of Party members and cadres in the process of dealing with various risks and challenges, so that party members and cadres, especially young cadres, can experience and grow in front-line practice.

Only by internalizing in mind can we practice in practice.

In the process of theme education, the majority of Party members and cadres have honed their true qualities, strengthened their understanding of maintaining integrity, nurtured a clean and upright political environment, and further strengthened their determination and drive. In the spirit of more difficulties and more forward, they have launched self-conscious actions to overcome difficulties and really grasp practical work, and are striving for greater achievements.

With the deep enlightenment of the theme education accumulation, the Communist Party of China will always keep its childlike mind and struggle spirit, and hand over more excellent answers in the new era

If the power of the world is not prosperous, it will decline; if the governance of the world is not advanced, it will decline.

Looking around the world, the world is undergoing a major change that has not been seen in a century, and a new round of major development, change and adjustment has come. Focusing on China, the tasks of reform, development and stability, domestic and foreign affairs, national defense, party, country and army management are unprecedented.

If we dont forget our original intention and keep our mission in mind, we must stick to it, which is the fundamental driving force for the Chinese Communists to strive forwardu2014u2014

In Huang Wenxius application for joining the party, more and more people understand the original intention of the Excellent Communist Party member who died in the front line of poverty alleviation.

Ideals and beliefs are the root and soul of Communist Party members. It explains why Zhang Fuqing, an old hero, can stick to his original intention and never change his true character all his life, and why Li Xia, a grass-roots cadre, can not change his original intention because of his long journey, nor forget his mission because of the ups and downs.

To keep in mind the partys original aspiration and mission, we must adhere to the combination of regular education and centralized education, so that all Party members can solve the problems of where to come from, where to go, why people and what responsibilities to take, build up the original aspiration with scientific thought and theory, stick to the original aspiration with firm ideals and beliefs, encourage party members and cadres to practice for a lifetime, and keep the political nature of the Communists forever.

On September 18, 2019, the teacher representatives of Fujian Institute of Engineering attended the theme education report meeting of never forget your original mind and keep your mission in mind. Xinhua News Agency Reporter Lin Shanchuan

If we do not forget our original mind and mission, we must adhere to the fundamental requirement of arming our minds with the partys innovative theoryu2014u2014

Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era is Marx doctrine in contemporary China and Marx doctrine in the twenty-first Century. It is a powerful ideological weapon for guiding the party and the people to overcome all difficulties and obstacles.

In thematic education, all localities and departments and departments will learn and comprehend Xi Jinpings rich achievements in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and turn them into a performance oriented ability, laying a solid ideological foundation for tackling difficulties in reform and development.

If we do not forget our original intention and our mission, we must promote the fundamental nature of the partys political constructionu2014u2014

Shortly after the closing of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the leading group of the theme education of keeping in mind the mission issued a notice calling for learning and implementing the spirit of the plenary session and promoting the theme education in a more in-depth and solid way.

Political issues are fundamental and big issues at all times. We must insist on putting the partys political construction in the first place, see through all kinds of dangers that run counter to the partys original intention and mission and shake the partys foundation politically, take political construction as the command, do a good job in all aspects of the partys construction, constantly enhance four consciousness, firm four self-confidence and achieve two maintenance, which has become a deep consensus of the majority of Party members and cadres.

If we do not forget our original intention and mission, we must remember the fundamental political position of the peoples positionu2014u2014

The Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other six departments have rectified the chaos of housing rental agencies, the Ministry of water resources has promoted the solution to the maintenance of rural water supply facilities, the all China Federation of industry and Commerce has established a direct bus for private enterprises to appeal, Xian Jiaotong University has opened an online green channel to provide special grant application services

In the theme education, the whole Party has strengthened the sense of purpose and service concept, worked hard to solve the peoples difficult demands, close the flesh and blood relationship between the party and the people, and gained the recognition and support of the people.

The people are the greatest foundation of the partys governance and the deepest foundation of the partys governance.

In order to ensure that the party has always been in the forefront of the times and won the support of the people, it is necessary to implement the partys mass line, adhere to the people-centered development idea, take the realization, maintenance and development of the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people as the starting point and foothold, know the peoples situation, solve the peoples worries, relieve the peoples resentment and warm the peoples heart, and respond to the peoples concerns and expectations with visible changes.

If we do not forget our original intention and our mission, we must carry forward the most distinctive character of being brave in self revolutionu2014u2014

To deal with affairs, to act in defiance of the sun and the sun, not to take responsibility for inaction, and to ignore violations of the interests of the masses Recently, 8 typical cases were investigated and dealt with during the period of thematic education, which attracted wide attention.

Blade inward, scraping bone to cure poison. The implementation of the theme education special rectification, Xi Jinpings new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, and the 8 prominent issues of the Party Central Committees decision and deployment, such as Yang Ying Yin and Wu Ying, are all problems that may shake the foundation of the party and impede the partys cause.

Hold a special democratic life meeting to seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, carry out looking back on the implementation of rectification, and find the gap against the party constitution and rules In the thematic education, the whole Party consciously accepts the supervision of the people, faces the problems, keeps the pulse and eliminates the focus.

There is no end to the revolution, and we should practice it at first.

With the joint efforts of the whole party, the education on the theme of never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind has achieved the expected goal and achieved good results in the satisfaction of the Party Central Committee and the recognition of the people.

However, we should also see that this thematic education is only a major inspection of the implementation of the partys original mission, a further deepening of the partys theoretical armed forces, and a re mobilization of the partys self revolutionary spirit.

One or two educational activities cannot be expected to announce success. If the revolution is not yet successful, comrades still have to work hard. this is a saying that will last forever. General secretary Xi Jinping reminded the whole party.

The Communist Party of China is committed to the great cause of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. How to always remember its original intention and mission requires unremitting and eternal answers.

It is an eternal task of strengthening the partys construction and the lifelong task of all Party members and cadres to keep in mind their original intention and mission, to form a long-term mechanism, and to unremittingly cultivate the party members and cadres political character of loyalty and clean responsibility.

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided that the clear deployment of establishing a system that does not forget the original intention and remembers the mission is a strategic move and a long-term plan.

On the eve of the theme education, general secretary Xi Jinping inspects in Jiangxi, stressed that the Communist Party of China does not forget its original intention, and the Chinese people must not forget their minds.

Dont forget that only when you have the first intention can you go far and steady, and only when you have the mission in mind can you open up the future.

In the future examination, the ideology and action consciousness of the majority of Party members and cadres will be more firm. The Communist Party of China will always be the people and the tide of the times, and lead the Chinese people on the journey of building a socialist modern powerful country!