Chinas Golden Flower aims not only at Grand Slam, Zhang Shuai and Peng Shuai, but also at the Olympics

 Chinas Golden Flower aims not only at Grand Slam, Zhang Shuai and Peng Shuai, but also at the Olympics

Whether singles or doubles, last seasons womens tennis can be described as colorful, from the four Grand Slam was divided by different players, it can be seen that the competition situation is very open. In the chaos, Bati, Osaka Naomi and andrescu won a grand slam and a crown respectively, and they were also called the new three giants of womens singles by fans.

Photo: Osaka Zhimei holds the championship trophy

This season, the more mature new three giants will become the hot winners of major events, and their competition with each other is the biggest focus of this year. At the same time, the growth rate of young players can not be underestimated. Last season, a number of young players have injected new vitality into womens tennis. With the opening of the 1920s, there will be more after 00 on the stage.

Taking andrescu as an example, the 20-year-old Canadian girl ranked No. 178 at the beginning of last year, but at the end of last season, she soared to No. 5 in the world. The titles of Indian Wells, Toronto and the US Open became the footnotes of her career change. For example, the younger Goff, who was still 800 a year ago, has risen to No. 5 in only one season 68th, the American girl who won the tour at the age of 15 became the youngest player in the top 200.

Photo of Wang Xiyu and he Shaoqing in the competition

There are anisimova, wanzhusova and so on after 00, they were amazing last season, the career prospects are widely optimistic. Compared with that, Chinas little flowers are still lacking in strength, but this does not prevent them from expecting more in the new season. Wang Xiyu, 18, hopes to reach the top 100 this year so as to compete with more high-level players and train himself more.

Many Chinese players, including Wang Xiyu, have chosen to start a new season at home. Wang Qiang, the first sister of Jinhua in active service, is also one of them. Shenzhen competition is the first stop of her journey this year. Wang said she hopes to return to Shenzhen at the end of the year, which is also her season goal - to reach the WTA final.

Picture: Wang Qiang in the competition

Last season, Wang Qiang played in the grand slam for the first time as a seed, ranking in the top 10 for the first time in her career. However, after entering the Asian season, Wang Qiang failed to continue the excellent performance of the previous year in the face of the huge pressure of keeping points, and the world ranking dropped to the 28th place at the end of the year.

For Wang Qiang, the premise of reaching the cost season goal is to achieve career leap this year. Nowadays, the turbulent situation of womens tennis gives her a chance to have a higher impact, but opportunities and challenges coexist. Also expected in the new season is Zhang Shuai, who hopes to surprise the fans through hard work just like she won the Grand Slam last season.

Photo: Zhang Shuai and stosser raise the Australian Open Championship

Although Zhang Shuai didnt give a specific answer when asked about the goal of the new season, unlike in previous years, Zhang Shuai didnt train with her team in this winter break, but with the national team in Zhuhai. In the new season, Zhang Shuai did not continue to partner with stoker, who won the Grand Slam title together, but instead paired with Peng Shuai in the womens doubles. In the year of the Olympics, the significance of this change is obvious - their goal is directly to the Tokyo Olympics.

For Chinese womens tennis, Olympic champion has a special significance. The Athens Olympic gold medal won by Li Ting and sun Tiantian has opened a stage of rapid rise of Chinese womens doubles. When there is still a gap between womens singles, mixed doubles, mens singles and mens doubles and the worlds top level, womens doubles is an important breakthrough for Chinese tennis to seek a foothold on the world stage.

Photo: Duan YingYing and Zheng Saisai enter the final of French Open photo source: osports all sports Photo Agency

Although the Olympic tennis score is not high compared with the high-level tour, it does not mean that the game will become easy. A number of famous players, including the host player Osaka Naomi, have expressed their desire for the event. Wang Qiang also attaches great importance to the Olympic Games. She hopes that she will have a good performance at that time. Everyone attaches great importance to the Olympic Games, and will prepare carefully. Now we need to adjust our condition and hope to achieve good results.

Looking at last seasons overall performance, Chinas Jinhua has repeatedly made surprises, which is also the source of their confidence this year. Zhang Shuai not only won the Australian womens doubles title, but also made it to the top 8 singles in Wimbledon. Duan Yingying / Zheng Saisai, who was not long with his partner, made it to the top 8 in the U.S. Open after earning the second place in the French Open. Wang Qiang once made it to the top 10 in the world in real time, and the top 8 in the U.S. Open was also impressive. Xu Yili also made it to the final of the Grand Slam, but lacked some experience at the end

For the Chinese goldflowers, its not a problem to form an outbreak at a certain time in the season, but how to lengthen this period of time and maintain their state more freely is the place they need to make changes this year and the premise to achieve the seasons goals. (end)

Source of this article: China News Network Editor in charge: Cao Liqiao and ns1806