Mahathir: Muslim countries must unite or I may be killed

 Mahathir: Muslim countries must unite or I may be killed

Mahathir: Muslim countries must unite or I could be killed by drones

In violation of international practice, trump ordered the drone to assassinate senior Iranian general suleymani in a third country. In addition to provoking tensions in the Middle East and outrage in Iran, trump also provoked resentment in other places.

Malaysias Prime Minister Mahathir criticized the U.S. for violating international law, immorality and possibly leading to the escalation of so-called terrorist activities, Reuters reported. Even myself would be killed by drones for saying what I dont like to hear.

Mahathir criticized the United States for killing the leader of another country outside of his own country at his own discretion and, taking the case of Saudi journalist kasughis transnational killing as an example, called both criminal and immoral acts.

To this end, he called on Muslim countries to unite against external threats.

Its time for Muslim countries to unite. We are no longer safe now, if anyone insults or says something that others dont like People in another country can send drones to retaliate or even kill me.

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Although Iran faces US sanctions, Malaysia maintains good relations with the country. About 60% of the population in Malaysia is Muslim, of which 10000 are from Iran.

On the same day, about 50 women in burqa gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to protest, shouting go down, America!

Mahathir, 94, is the worlds oldest national leader. Over the past few months, he has frequently spoken on important issues in the Muslim world, including Indias citizenship, Saudi Arabias attitude towards the organization of Islamic cooperation, etc., and has influenced Malaysias relations with the two countries.

On December 19 last year, Malaysias capital Kuala Lumpur held a summit to discuss cooperation and development in the Islamic world, with the participation of leaders of about 20 countries, including Iranian President Mahmoud Rouhani, Xinhua reported.

Mahathir praised Iran and Qatar for shouldering U.S. economic sanctions, reminding countries that only self-sufficiency can meet more challenges in the future.

Last December, Mahathir and Rouhani attended the Kuala Lumpur summit from: Iran frontpage

The world is witnessing unilateral decisions by some countries to sanction others. Malaysia and others must always bear in mind that any of us can be the next target of sanctions.

He also proposed the resumption of gold coin settlement and barter in multilateral trade. Iran, Turkey and Qatar are seriously considering the proposal. The leaders of the participating countries agreed that in the future, we need to strengthen trade ties with each other and settle accounts in each others currencies.

However, the summit was boycotted by Saudi Arabia, which believed it was in conflict with the work of the Saudi based organization of Islamic cooperation.

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