A visit to dazzle the rich with short video: the rich can customize Ferrari to sell 8 yuan

 A visit to dazzle the rich with short video: the rich can customize Ferrari to sell 8 yuan

With the Spring Festival approaching, Nandu reporter once again launched an investigation on the short video of Xuanfu, and found that there are still a large number of sellers who provide video materials such as overseas scenery or services such as customized red packet screenshot. There are also sellers to PUA training as a selling point, in the display material introduction emotional trainer wave personal display and other labels to sell rich materials.

Customized rich service still exists, and luxury car video is popular

Traveling around the world, piles of cash are placed on the tea table, driving a luxury car to see the scenery On January 7, 2019, the reporter of Nandu once again investigated and found that the short video of dazzle rich which caused hot discussion in the past two years could still be easily bought. Although the keyword dazzle rich has been blocked by the e-commerce platform for a long time, a large number of sellers who provide dazzle rich materials can still be found with the keywords of rich, rich, luxury car, and the lowest price for these sellers is only 1 yuan.

In the rich video, the most common is luxury car video. During the follow-up investigation, Nandu reporters found many stores selling video materials of luxury cars. Take an example of a material product called real shot, friends circle luxury car small video. In the video, an Aston Martin sports car appears, with a monthly sales volume of 7. Preview shows that the video is a process of shooting the ignition and starting the vehicle from the perspective of the drivers seat. You can clearly see the brand logo on the steering wheel. The whole video has no background music, and the words no watermark after purchase are displayed.

In addition, the store also sells videos of Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls Royce and other luxury cars at a price of 8 yuan. The shooting perspective of the videos has also changed, including the pictures of driving forward, around the car outside and looking around the car inside. From the purchase record, the video of red car Ferrari is the most popular, and 114 people have paid for it.

In addition to being used by the circle of friends, there are also sellers who classify the use of materials more carefully. In one shop, the seller packs and sells the short video of 1300 luxury cars for 12 yuan. According to the introduction, this kind of material is suitable for ordinary people who want to become big V to make money, new media operators who want to get traffic, and businesses that drive product sales.

Nandu journalists have previously found that there are several fixed templates and high repetition rates on short selling videos that are sold on the Internet, and some videos come from App that can download videos directly. A large number of videos sold by sellers come from various short video platforms. Most video logos are mosaic, but some are very obvious. For example, in a 59 second video, the logo in the upper right corner is very prominent.

PUA display becomes a selling point, and some lawbreakers swindle it

Dazzle rich video is also considered by some people to be used to enhance personal network image. Mr. Liu, a PUA tutor, once told Nandu that the common cheaters in the circle often create high-value display surfaces to falsely display the so-called good life, such as sending sports cars, precious watches and bags on microblogs. Such materials can also be easily bought online.

The reporter of Nandu found in the return visit that the materials of display surface are also common. Some sellers take the wave education which is the main PUA training as the selling point, and mark emotion trainer wave personal display selection in the product introduction. There are also sellers who subdivide these materials into multiple categories, including red wine parties, night clubs, flying and so on. The folder naming also involves usage introduction.

According to public reports, at the end of 2019, Heyuan police in Guangdong captured a fraud Gang disguised as a rich woman, 14 of whom were men. According to the police, the gang will collect all kinds of pictures on the Internet, such as eating, drinking, playing, traveling and so on, package itself as a white rich and beautiful female identity, and create a false image of making money to lure investment.

Xu Xinming, an intellectual property lawyer, believes that the fundamental reason for the existence of large-scale moving short videos lies in the fact that short videos can bring considerable traffic and contain certain economic value. To reduce this kind of phenomenon, on the one hand, the creators of short video can make copyright announcement on the works and alert potential infringers; on the other hand, the short video platform should actively cooperate in fighting against infringement, quickly review the suspected infringement and stop it in time.

The formation of false rich short video industry chain is not conducive to the healthy development of the Internet economy, but also a great challenge to the concept of social integrity. Gao Yandong, director of the Internet law research center of Guanghua law school, Zhejiang University, said that the relevant practitioners use human weakness to generate huge profits through simple processing and production. This kind of counterfeiting industry will make young people feel easy to get something for nothing. Gao Yandong said that if low-cost fraud spreads, it will have an impact on the high-tech Internet industry that needs a lot of complex work.

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