The first batch of social car owners like to mention that domestic Tesla was delivered by musk in person

 The first batch of social car owners like to mention that domestic Tesla was delivered by musk in person

On January 7, 2019, Teslas super factory near Shanghai port announced the start of construction. On December 30, 2019, Tesla delivered the first batch of domestic models to 15 internal employees. January 7, 2010 was the first time that Tesla delivered them to the public.

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, who arrived in Shanghai on January 6, Los Angeles time, also showed up at the delivery site on January 7.

2019 is a very significant year for Tesla, Musk said in his speech

Musk said that as the largest foreign-invested project and the first wholly foreign-owned automobile factory, Teslas Shanghai factory is highly expected. Without the support of Shanghai municipal government, such a miracle cannot be created. It is a good business environment that enables Tesla Shanghai to build and deliver successfully.

On the scene of the activity on January 7, Wu Qing, member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Committee and vice mayor, announced the production plan of Teslas domestic model Y model officially launched in Shanghai Super factory.

Wu Qing said that the landing of Tesla factory in Shanghai is a reflection of the optimization of business environment in Shanghai, and the automobile industry is also a pillar strategic industry in Shanghai.

Last March, musk launched a new generation of intelligent electric SUV, modely, at the Tesla design center in Los Angeles. This model is a compact SUV developed by Tesla. This electric vehicle is the fifth vehicle launched by Tesla since its establishment in 2003. So far Teslas sexy (sexy) series are all on the market.

Musk said on the spot that modely is an electric SUV that Tesla has built that consumers can afford, just like model 3 is a car for Volkswagen, both of which are Teslas car consumer markets.

Before the delivery ceremony, musk excitedly performed an impromptu dance on the stage. Although the gesture seemed a little funny and clumsy, it could not conceal his excitement and excitement.

They buy Tesla for different reasons. Some are fans of musk, some want to use model 3 as their wifes birthday gift, and some agree with the future of the way electric cars represent.

After the delivery ceremony, musk also made a promise for Teslas future. He said that he would like to thank Tesla Chinas employees, as well as the owners who believe in Tesla and buy Tesla. Before, it was more expensive for owners to buy a Tesla. Now Tesla hopes to make the product cheaper and more affordable. Now model 3 and model y are in China. In the future, more model series may be produced here, and even Tesla designed by China may be born.

A few days ago, on December 30, 2019, Tesla completed the delivery of its first model 3 to its employees. In the interview at that time, Song Gang, manufacturing director of Teslas Shanghai plant, introduced that at present, the output of the Shanghai plant can reach 28 sets per hour, with a daily start time of 10 hours. At present, the output per week is more than 1000 sets, and it is expected to reach 3000 sets per week in the future.

At present, the factory works overtime almost every day to meet the strong order demand. Song said that this years production will be single shift, and next years production will be double shift, and the output will double. The first phase of Tesla Shanghai Super plant has a capacity of 250000 vehicles / year, with a total capacity target of 500000 vehicles / year.

In addition, Songgang also disclosed that at the end of this year, the domestic Tesla Model 3 will realize the localization replacement of all parts. At present, the localization rate of parts in Teslas Shanghai plant is about 30%, and it is planned to increase to 70% - 80% by next July.

The localization of all parts and components also brings imagination space for further price reduction of domestic Tesla.

Wang Pingyang, an analyst at Soochow securities, believes that with the promotion of domestic model 3 price reduction, the production capacity construction of Teslas Shanghai Super plant exceeding expectations and the mass production plan of new models ahead of schedule, Teslas auto sales are expected to grow significantly, and relevant electronic industry chain companies are facing important development opportunities.

Tesla just released its quarterly delivery data, which showed that it delivered a record 112000 electric vehicles around the world, far exceeding Wall Streets expectations and meeting the companys annual sales target set by CEO Elon Musk. Wall Street had expected Tesla to deliver 106000 electric vehicles in the fourth quarter, which meant the company was just on track to meet its annual delivery target of 360000 to 400000. ,

The companys shares continued to rise on January 6 local time, boosted by Teslas better than expected EV delivery data, rising 1.93% to close at $451.54. According to the closing price, Teslas market value is US $81.4 billion.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of surging news