Senate Majority Leader: enough votes to impeach trump

 Senate Majority Leader: enough votes to impeach trump

Democratic Party: trump will be irresistible if he is acquitted

According to media sources, Senate Democrats are worried about the prospect of impeachment, saying trump will gain a greater advantage in the re-election campaign if he is finally acquitted. As the impeachment clause needs 67 votes in the Senate and Republicans hold the majority, Democrats are worried that trump will be acquitted in the end and that they are not able to reverse the situation at present, the Capitol Hill reported.

Sensitive moment! Trumps invitation to torture prisoners of war as a guest of Haihu manor has a great mystery

President trump, who is in trouble of impeachment, is on holiday at the sea lake manor. Media found that he received a special guest - suspected of killing prisoners of war seal commando Gallagher. Some analysts believe that Trumps support for us war criminals such as Gallagher is due to his realization that his supporters attach great importance to American heroes.