U.S. carrier approaching Persian Gulf

 U.S. carrier approaching Persian Gulf

The Truman was originally scheduled to be deployed to the Middle East in September 2019, but due to a serious fault in the ships power system during the maintenance test, the ship had to return to the port for maintenance. It was not until mid November 2019 that the U.S. Navy announced that Truman had completed the maintenance acceptance work and integrated training unit task, and entered the final stage before deployment.

The identity of the current captain of the USS Truman is intriguing. The current captain of the Truman, kavon hakimzadeh, is an Iranian American with an Iranian father and an American mother. Although he was born in Texas, he moved to Iran as a baby. At the age of 11, he left Iran with his mother and 9-year-old sister and returned to the United States. He recalled that his time in Iran was an idyllic childhood..

In 1987, he joined the U.S. military from Mississippi. After becoming a pilot of the E-2 eagle eye early warning aircraft, Hakim ZAD joined the waw-125 tiger tail squadron and began his first sea trip. His other maritime resume includes: Deputy captain of the eighth carrier battle group, department head of vaw-123 screw Squadron, executive officer and commander of vaw-126 Seahawk Squadron, executive officer of John S. Stannis naval aircraft carrier (cvn74), commander of Whitney Hill (lcc20). He has completed eight operational deployments on seven different ships.

Hakimzadeh has accumulated more than 3100 flight hours and 815 carrier landings. He has awards including legion of merit, bronze star and national defense Merit Medal, as well as other individual and unit awards. In June 2019, he became the captain of the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN75).

Truman is the latest aircraft carrier sent by the United States to replace Lincoln in the Middle East deployment, but in fact, the deployment progress of the ship has been three months later than the original plan.

Hakimzad said that if the Truman was asked to replace Lincoln in the region, hakimzad said he and his staff were ready. There is no personal anxiety, he said

In the context of the further escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran, media reports say that the United States has recently increased its control over people of Iranian descent, and began to strictly investigate people of Iranian descent. According to US media reports, there have been a number of incidents in which Iranian American citizens have been interrogated and questioned by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) at ports of entry and other places recently, which has aroused widespread concern on social media that the US government is detaining Iranian Americans. According to the preliminary statistics of the New York Times, at least 200 Iranians have been detained and re examined at the US border.


According to the publics four generation heavy suppression message, in January 5th, according to Reuters, after the deterioration of the Middle East situation, the us the Atlantic fleet sent the CVN75 Truman nuclear power carrier to the Middle East. The aircraft carrier and escort fleet of Truman have arrived in the Gulf of Oman Bay, and are ready to launch attacks on Iran when necessary. Ironically, the captain of the Truman was an American Iranian who had a deep blood feud with Iran. This time, he volunteered to fight.

Hakim ZAD

The new captain of the Truman was replaced in September last year by Kavan hakimzad, 52, an American citizen of pure Iranian origin. Kavan hakimzad, who was only 12 years old 40 years ago, lived in Tehran with his family. Later, the relationship between the United States and Iraq broke down. Kavan hakimzads family was specially treated by the Iranian authorities because it was pro american. His uncle, kianush hakimzad, and his brother and brother were missing. Kavan hakimzad fled to the United States with his parents. Over the years, Kavan hakimzad has kept prying into family members and vowed to make Iran pay for it.

E-2D early warning aircraft

Kavan hakimzads family belongs to the nobility in Iran. Since childhood, he has received a good education and is proficient in English, so he quickly adapted to American life. Kavon hakimzad was admitted to the U.S. Naval Academy and became a pilot of E-2D early warning aircraft after graduation. After that, he successively served as an air controller and carrier aircraft commander of the aircraft carrier. Last year, he was promoted to colonel and began to serve as the captain of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier Truman.

Super Hornet

Truman is a Nimitz class 8 ship, which belongs to the improved Nimitz class, with a full load displacement of nearly 110000 tons. Its combat capability is second only to that of Ford class aircraft carrier. Truman can carry nearly 60 Super Hornet fighters, and can defeat the whole Iranian Air Force only by its onboard aircraft force. At present, Irans air force can only use more than 20 F14 and 20-30 MiG-29 combat aircraft, which have long lagged behind in performance and can not get the support of early warning aircraft, so the victory rate of Super Hornet is very low.

At the critical moment when the U.S. and Iran are in a state of tension, the U.S. Navy sent the aircraft carrier Truman under the command of kavon hakimzad to reinforce the Middle East. On the one hand, it can enhance the sense of belonging of soldiers of all ethnic groups in the U. Kavan hakimzad is also familiar with Iran and Tehran, which is convenient for battle command.

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