Zhang Ziyi and stone milk fight against the pain of womens feeding you dont know

 Zhang Ziyi and stone milk fight against the pain of womens feeding you dont know

Second, when you have a baby, it doesnt hurt.

If the birth of a baby is a journey from purgatory, when you think its time to go back to the world, you kill a cow, ghost and snake halfway, just drag you back to the state of life is not like death. Yes, Im talking about the biggest torture after being a mother - breastfeeding!

1. Once a baby is born, it is painful to feed her for months

Do you think that feeding is the beauty of a soft and waxy little man lying in his arms, watching him suck milk with a big mouth, stretch out his little hands and rub his little feet? You may have fantasized about it when you are pregnant, but these beautiful pink bubbles are all gone at the time of the first milk rise!

1) Milking: the pain of breathing

After unloading the cargo, I lay down for two days and finally took a breath. On a sunny morning, your meridians suddenly burst, as if you were shocked by Yang Yongxin.

When you ask the doctor angrily, whats the pain like opening the uterus? The doctor just told you: the milk is up. After the baby is born, the prolactin increases greatly, which makes the breast and other tissues expand. Its like someones putting a tube into your chest and pouring water all the time. When every blood vessel, every nerve and every inch of space in your chest is filled, you really experience the pain of breathing. The days to come are:

*The pain of lying on the bed

*Its painful to walk a little bit

*Wear a hard or smaller bra to die

*I want to die when I take off bra

People who dont understand may say that all the babies have come here, but what are they afraid of? To know that breast is one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of women, there are thousands of nerves from the fourth intercostal nerve branch on the nipple. Moreover, compared with the time limited torture, this kind of prolonged torture is even more painful. Imagine that you have dozens of mammies living in your body, who come to greet you every 3-4 hours.

Zhang Xinyi, who just had a baby, posted four milk pump alarm clocks on Weibo

2) Block milk: its the whole bodys sitting together

Milking is just the first stage of the robbery. There are many mothers who have not enough time to discharge milk will encounter the rising milk plus - blocking milk. You should know that there is a risk of milk blocking if the milk is not squeezed out for more than three hours after inflation. Ma Yili once disclosed her experience of lactation on Weibo:

If you have been stuck for a long time, Congratulations, and won the head prize: because of the high fever and headache, it will follow. Chest as hard as a stone, the pain will spread to the armpit, scapula, even hands can not be close to the body, shoulder joint gently lifting pain.

3) Feeding: its an endless cycle of cracking, bleeding, scabbing and re cracking

People who have been fed will understand what is sucking strength - the greedy little mouth is playing with its life like nipple, and after drinking it, there is an obvious blood hole in the mouth.

*Blood and milk are squeezed out when the skin peeled nipple is sucked;

*The slit of the bitten road has pus, and the next time the pus is squeezed, continue to feed;

2. Three tips of K.O.s nursing pain

The world is preaching the benefits of breast milk: it can enhance the resistance of the baby, make the baby smarter, safe, healthy, non-toxic, harmless and bacteria-free... So mothers prefer Ninjas heartbreaking pain to let the baby drink their own milk.

Maternal love is great, but a great mother should not bear all the innocent pain. Here to share three pain prevention and pain relief skills, I hope to help you suffering from mom.

1) Scientific milk, professional milk - milk K.O

As the saying goes, pain doesnt make sense, but generally it doesnt. Before meeting the unobstructed light, mothers have to go through another test, opening milk. How to drive? I have to mention some very thoughtful new mothers here.

Adults have a large suction, which is easier to dredge. Lets find a husband to suck it before feeding the baby

Dont say let husband suck, even if monkey comes, its hard to suck. The babys mouth is small, the distance from the upper jaw to the tongue is short, and the oral fat pad is thick, which is designed to eat breast milk naturally. So without baozi face and sucking milk, dads can quit.

But I dont know when it began to spread. Its only effective if you have pain when you prescribe milk. It is this misunderstanding that makes countless mothers bite their teeth one after another, endure the pain of being ravaged by the violence of some Yuesao Hercules palms, and only strive for a mouthful of milk for the baby,

But in fact, it doesnt hurt for a professional general nurse. They are by gently touching the breast, first find the direction of the breast tube, and then gently push, the milk to the nipple this outlet. If someone does not touch your breast, but squeeze it, there is no doubt that she is not professional.

2) Dont wait until the birth is over, discharge as soon as it rises - block milk K.O

If some Baoma is choked with milk in the middle of the night, her husband beside her will not only give her spiritual support, but also take some substantive actions, such as using cold towels, cabbage, ice treasure stickers, etc. to cool her breasts! Remember its a cold compress! Its not a hot pack! Its not ice!

3) Holding baby is right, feeding is right - K.O

Although it is the babys instinct to eat milk, they are not skilled workers at birth, so we must teach them to use the right way to eat milk.

Knock on the blackboard and draw the key points. Mom takes out the small book and records it:

1. Hold the head of the buttocks while feeding, keep the babys body close to the mother, and connect the ears, shoulders and the small butt in a straight line;

2. Let the babys chin against the breast, head slightly up, nose to the nipple;

The most important thing is to let the baby open his mouth and hold the whole areola, rather than simply holding the nipple.

For many mothers who have been injured, these are also words of hindsight. But the injured nipple does not mean that it will strike. As long as the following repair and protection are done, it can be revived in situ immediately:

1. After feeding the baby, squeeze out some milk or nipple repair cream to smear on the nipple and areola to prevent bacterial infection;

2. Use the daily nipple protective cover to reduce the friction of clothes, which will get better faster;

3. Pay attention to protect the skin of the nipple. Do not use soap or alcohol to clean the nipple before breastfeeding.

I wish a cycle would end like this, and the greedy little mouth would not bother the old mother any more.

Some studies have shown that women are generally more sensitive to pain than men due to the effects of hormones such as progesterone and estradiol. But life seems to be the opposite. Women are more pain free than men. [1] But in fact, where is not afraid of pain ah, only every woman chose the role of mother, it is equivalent to choose a strong! u2014u2014The baby is coming out soon. No matter how painful it is, we must insist on it! u2014u2014Breast milk is the best for a baby. No matter how painful it is, you should hold back!

A woman is weak, but a mother is strong. But when breastfeeding, if you cant hold on to it because of illness, dont bear the pain, blame yourself for not being a good mother, and its a good choice to temporarily feed milk powder. After all, its more important to keep a happy mood and high quality company than to feed.

Author: luotie girl

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