Hunans officials were accused of running to buy officials and selling them

 Hunans officials were accused of running to buy officials and selling them

Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate on January 7 that Tang Xianglin, deputy secretary of the original Prefecture Committee and Minister of publicity of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan Province (deputy department level), was suspected of bribery. The case was under the jurisdiction of the peoples Procuratorate of Hunan Province, and was prosecuted by the peoples Procuratorate of Shaoyang City to the intermediate peoples Court of Shaoyang City.

Shaoyang peoples Procuratorate sued and accused: from 2002 to 2019, Tang Xianglin, the defendant, took advantage of his position as Deputy Secretary of Dongan County Party committee, deputy secretary of Daoxian county Party committee, county head and Secretary of county Party committee, member of Yongzhou Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary of political and legal committee, executive deputy mayor and Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee to seek interests for others in project contracting, project bidding, cadres and personnel, etc Or illegally accept the money and property given by others for many times together with a specific related person, the amount of money and property is especially huge, and the criminal responsibility shall be investigated for the crime of bribery according to law.

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Last October, Tang Xianglin was double opened.

According to the report, Tang Xianglin, during his tenure as a member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Committee, violated political discipline, organized groups and gangs, and seriously damaged the political ecology of the region where he worked; violated the spirit and integrity discipline of the eight regulations of the Central Committee, received gifts and gifts, and illegally held shares of non listed companies; violated organizational discipline, ran for office, bought office and sold office, which was not as good as reporting to individuals Relevant matters; violation of work discipline, illegal intervention in judicial activities, intervention in public facilities construction, causing serious adverse effects; moral corruption, power and color trading, money and color trading, etc.

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