175 doctoral candidates from Taiwan shouted at Cai Yingwen: a true response to the paper

 175 doctoral candidates from Taiwan shouted at Cai Yingwen: a true response to the paper

Overseas news, Jan. 7 - a series of controversies have been triggered by the doctoral thesis of Tsai ing Wen, the leader of Taiwan, which has been burning in Taiwans society and media. Recently, 175 PhD candidates joined forces to challenge Tsai ing Wen, saying that Tsai ing Wen must give a real response to the paper.

According to Taiwans Zhongshi electronic news, Tsai ing Wens essay gate incident continued to burn. Recently, a 175 member Chinese doctoral team raised several key issues on Tsai ing Wens thesis and urged the Tsai administration to give a real response to this issue to the Taiwanese people.

According to the report, the key issues Caiying was asked by 175 doctors to explain include:

1. Tsai ing Wens student record card at London School of economics and Political Science (LSE) only paid two years tuition fees from 1980 to 1982. After the suspension, he did not go back to school. How did he successfully graduate in 1984?

2. The student record card of Tsai ing Wen has been altered. The English handwriting is different from that of the original undertaker, and no one signs to show responsibility. Is it possible that such documents have been altered?

3. There are three versions of Tsai ing Wens graduation certificate, one of which is reissued in 2010 and certified by the president of LSE in 2010. However, after Dr. Lin huanqiang asked LSE, LSE said that the replacement of doctors certificate is definitely signed by the original president in the year of graduation. Whats the explanation of this statement?

Dr. Guo Shuxiang said that he would publicly explain the disputes in Dr. Tsai ing Wens dissertation and degree at 2 p.m. on January 8 at the Alumni Association Hall of NTU, and hoped that the Tsai authorities could give you a reasonable explanation.

According to Taiwan media, although Tsai ing Wens doctoral dissertation has been publicly available to the public in Taiwans library on September 27, 2019, the storm of thesis gate has not subsided, but it has become more and more popular. Why did CAI English publish his paper after three months? Is Cais thesis true? These problems have been deeply puzzling the Taiwanese people.

Recently, Peng Wenzheng, a Taiwanese media person who has repeatedly questioned the authenticity of Tsais degree, said that the truth of the so-called thesis door is that Tsai had not even applied for doctorate enrollment in that year, but she only wrote the first three chapters of the thesis at that time; since 2007, Tsai found that she might ascend the throne, she began to fill the remaining 300 pages of the thesis. Before that, a netizen named biolenz revealed seven doubts in Tsais thesis when cross checking his doctoral thesis at LSE.

With regard to Tsai ing Wens reticent attitude towards thesis, Taiwan netizens have said, no real thesis, its a fake doctor and everyone just wants to hear the truth, is, is not.

Netizens shouted that they hoped CAI English would explain it quickly so as not to look bad at that time.

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