Prime Minister of Australia ignites fire: national fire fighting; he went on holiday to open wechat ticket

 Prime Minister of Australia ignites fire: national fire fighting; he went on holiday to open wechat ticket

According to NASAs latest satellite images, the smog from Australian wildfires has spread to South America 12000 kilometers away. Nearly 500 million animals were killed by the fire, including 20000 Australian national treasure koalas.

In December 2019, Morrison asked for leave to take his family to Hawaii for a holiday, which was criticized at home and abroad.

After returning home, he was rebuked when he went to visit the people in the mountain fire area. In the small town of kobago, New South Wales, he tried to shake hands with a victim, but the other side was ungrateful. Some people even shouted to Morrison, we dont welcome you..

Even the front-line firefighters were furious with Morrison. Tell the prime minister to get out of nerizhen! Paul Parker, a firefighter who was paralyzed by the fire, could not help shouting at the camera.

At present, Parker is asked to suspend the fire fighting work, and the local fire department says it will not fire him.

In the face of wildfires, Chinese netizens are worried about it. They can feel the helplessness of firefighters and small animals across the screen.

People have paid attention to the fire fighting and suggested exporting Chinas fire fighting experience to help Australia overcome the difficulties.

Morrison was born in New South Wales on May 13, 1968, and graduated from the University of New South Wales. He was the Minister of immigration and social services of Australia. Now he is the leader of Australian Liberal Party and Prime Minister of Australia.

Last years election, in order to win the support of the Chinese, Morrison also deliberately opened the WeChat public number, and won a lot of goodwill. According to reports, more and more Australian politicians are looking to wechat to get more votes.

In the end, bill schotton, the leader of the Labour Party, conceded defeat when the vote fell behind. Morrison was later announced as Prime Minister of Australia.

At present, Morrison has realized that his behavior causes great anxiety in Australia. He explained that his holiday during the forest fire was to fulfill his promise to his children.

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