737max stops production Boeing diverts 3000 workers to reach compensation agreement with American Airlines, etc

 737max stops production Boeing diverts 3000 workers to reach compensation agreement with American Airlines, etc

On January 6 local time, Boeing revealed that the 737max aircraft would be officially shut down from the middle of January, and it has started to assign new tasks to 3000 workers affected by the shutdown.

A data photo of a Boeing 737max plane taken in Renton, Washington, USA. Xinhua News Agency

According to the disclosure, Stan Deere, chief executive of Boeings commercial aircraft division, reiterated in the information sent to employees that he did not expect to dismiss employees due to production suspension. 737max mechanics, engineers and staff of Seattle manufacturing center will be transferred to Boeings 767, 777 and 777x projects. Boeing also said it had not decided when to resume production of the 737max. Boeing has also opened a new base in Victorville, California, for the 737max, which is temporarily stored due to grounded flights.

At the same time, a number of airlines recently announced that they have reached a standstill compensation agreement with Boeing. According to Nandus previous reports, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Mexico Airlines said they had reached a settlement with Boeing over the loss of 737maxs grounded flight, but did not disclose the amount of compensation. Among them, American Airlines revealed that it would share the compensation of USD 30 million with its employees. Southwest also said in December 2019 that it had reached a partial compensation agreement with Boeing. Southwest said the grounded flight cost it $830 million in revenue.

Ten months after the grounded, the 737max was recently exploded with design defects. On January 5, the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States confirmed that a serious problem was found during the review of the revised 737max software. The two critical lines of the 737max were too close to each other, resulting in a short circuit. If the pilot did not respond correctly, the aircraft might crash. In response, Boeing said: we are working closely with the FAA and other regulators to conduct appropriate analysis. Its too early to speculate whether this will lead to any design changes.

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