Details of Sulaimanis Murder: the vehicle escaped the second missile

 Details of Sulaimanis Murder: the vehicle escaped the second missile

Low profile travel has not escaped the disaster of death

In the early hours of Wednesday local time, Sulaimani stepped down from the flight of Cham wings, stepped on the tarmac of Baghdad airport, and met a familiar face, muhandis, deputy commander of the Iraqi Shiite militia peoples mobilization organization, a long-term ally and close friend of the Iranian general. Two vehicles are ready to take the commander of Irans Holy City Brigade back to muhandiss residence in the Green Zone, which is muhandiss permanent address in the Iraqi capital.

Death drone

But this time, something went wrong. According to the report, according to the open data of Tatar wing, the flight from Damascus to Baghdad took 1 hour and 5 minutes. The plane landed at 12:32 a.m. Baghdad time. Sulaimani and his two companions were soon picked up by muhandis and his entourage. At 1:45, their modern Starks and Toyota Asian dragons exploded in the western suburbs of Baghdad shortly after they left. Preliminary investigation concluded that two vehicles were attacked by three missiles. The modern car in front was hit first, and the Toyota car, 100-120 meters away from it, accelerated past the second missile, and the third missile completed the mission.

This is their ideal security measure, the article said. Their itinerary is never announced in advance and their destinations are not disclosed. Moreover, they take ordinary airline flights. In this incident, they did not check their passports at the airport through regular channels or use smart phones. Moreover, they took ordinary cars with as few passengers as possible. Overall, its hard to track them. But the airports in Damascus and Baghdad are surrounded by Pro American intelligence agencies, so they are eyed.

What is the weapon that carried out the assassination?

According to the drive website, a drone controlled by the joint special operations command (reported to be MQ-9 God of death) carried out the mission. According to Chinese experts, the U.S. joint special operations command was established in 1980. In recent years, the U.S. special forces gradually emerged because they captured Saddam Hussein alive, killed Zaka and Osama bin Laden. It would not be surprising if the operation were conducted by the command.

However, according to, the MQ-9 drone (in the US military) is operated only by the US air force. The MQ-9 and the missiles it uses are also promising. MQ-9 dead god UAV is a relatively advanced hollow long endurance UAV in the United States. If it flies at a height of several kilometers, it is difficult to detect its existence on the ground a few kilometers away.

Missiles mounted on us drones

In a previous strike, the United States used a Hellfire missile with a retractable blade to kill soft targets in order to reduce collateral damage. According to the scene video and photos, the high explosive warhead is likely to be used to ensure the complete destruction of the target.

According to, an Iraqi group released a photo on Facebook showing the remains of a missile used in the attack, with marks on the fragments indicating that the missile weighed 52 kg. According to the report, some analysts identified ammunitions as agm-114 Hellfire missile, a deadly supersonic anti tank weapon, which has been widely used by the U.S. military to attack different targets. In addition to the latest laser guided agm-114r, there is a mysterious modification that uses pop-up blades to kill targets to minimize collateral damage. Hellfires improved version weighs between 45 and 50 kg. Considering that the target vehicle has been destroyed, the possibility of using blade Hellfire can be ruled out, the report said.

In fact, an agm-179 joint air to ground missile (jagm), designed to replace Hellfire, weighs just 52 kg and can be launched from helicopters and drones. In essence, it embeds advanced guidance system (semi-active laser and millimeter wave active radar dual-mode seeker) into the standard agm-114r (including engine, flight control system and its multi-functional warhead). However, the missile was developed by the army and the Marine Corps, with the air force not involved. This information also makes it more confusing whether the air force or joint special operations command is responsible for the attack and what weapons are used.

36 hours ago?

Suleymani was sold out for the past 36 hours of travel, the report said.

Reported that from the moment Tehran arrived in Damascus, until his death in Baghdad, he is likely to be closely monitored. When Sulaimani arrived at the Damascus airport, he did not meet anyone in the Syrian capital. Instead, he got off the plane and got on a car to take him to Beirut. Sulaimani spent several hours in Beirut and returned to Damascus in the same procedure that night. At Damascus airport, Sulaimani and other passengers boarded the Tatar wing flight to Baghdad.

According to the article, since 2003, Baghdad International Airport has been subject to strict security measures, and its security is under the supervision of the Iraqi intelligence and national security department of G4S company of the United Kingdom. Security measures require ordinary passengers entering and leaving the airport to pass through multiple checkpoints. As for tourists and officials with special escorts, they are allowed to pass through VIP roads, which only need to inform the checkpoints of the identity of tourists and vehicle information and registration information. All information at checkpoints will be shared with airport security, national security and intelligence, and G4S.

It is said that muhandis has been under American surveillance for many years, and it is no secret that his close friend only transfers him. At that time, the Americans received information that Sulaimani was on his way to Baghdad, and muhandis would meet him at the airport. The Americans recruited people close to the two to track their actions and then determine the location and time of the assassination.

Multi information support strike task

Eye of the Middle East website information are all from anonymous people, so the details may not be completely credible, but Chinese experts say, combined with other media reports, Americans may indeed develop informants to track suleymani.

Confidential information from intelligence personnel, electronic surveillance systems, reconnaissance aircraft and other surveillance systems supported the mission, the New York Times reported. The New York Times said in its report that the United States has mastered the contents of the correspondence between Irans supreme leader and Sulaimani. Although the source did not indicate the way of communication, it is likely to be based on wireless communication, which provides an opportunity for American monitoring. In fact, it is a public secret that US intelligence agencies monitor the mobile phone communications of world leaders. Including German Chancellor Angela Merkels mobile phone communications are monitored by US intelligence agencies, let alone senior Iranian officials.

And for such an important goal, its not just through mobile location. The U.S. UAV is very advanced, but it is impossible to make its infrared imaging sensor to identify whether a person who just got off the plane and then got into the car is Sulaimani. Even if positioning is carried out through mobile phone and other systems, in order to prevent wrong killing, there must be a more reliable way to confirm.

After confirming the target, how to let the UAV operators confirm the target becomes the key. A very realistic operation is that the ground intelligence personnel conduct target indication and irradiate relevant vehicles with infrared laser which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Another way is to transmit the target coordinates to the UAV in real time, and the latter locks the target according to its position information.

How strong is the US intelligence network in the Middle East

The Intelligence Agency (ccj2) under the U.S. central command is the command organization responsible for the integration of intelligence forces of the state, the Department of defense and the military departments, as well as the support of the commander in the war zone for the implementation of intelligence activities, according to the article titled the military intelligence system of the United States in the Middle East issued by the Institute of strategic and defense of Zhiyuan on June 6. There is no doubt that the joint intelligence centre, headed by a colonel officer, is at the heart of the intelligence service. According to the U.S. open documents, in May 2014, the authorized number of the Joint Intelligence Center was 888.

Us cyber warfare force

According to joint publications jp2-0 and jp2-01 issued by the U.S. military, the intelligence agency and joint intelligence center of the central command can also be supported by a large number of intelligence agencies and resources inside and outside the military, and most of the 17 agencies of the U.S. intelligence community will send senior intelligence representatives and specific staff to the intelligence centers of each theater. In the intelligence community of the United States, most of the action branches of intelligence agencies, that is, the executive agencies mainly responsible for intelligence collection, will set up special branches for specific geographic areas. Although the division of these geographical areas does not completely overlap with the responsibility areas of several major regional combat commands of the US Army, there is also a general corresponding relationship. Most of these regional intelligence branches have been in operation for decades, and accumulated rich intelligence resources for the region.

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