A 20 day high fever for boys with 50000 yuan of treatment is a hospital thermometer trick

 A 20 day high fever for boys with 50000 yuan of treatment is a hospital thermometer trick

The thermometer is broken? A 3-year-old boy has a high fever for 20 days and spends 50000 yuan for injection and medicine, which is related to... (source: ~)

Mr. Jiang is from Jiangxi Province. In December last year, he sent his 3-year-old son to Zhejiang Mingzhou rehabilitation hospital for rehabilitation treatment. Unexpectedly, the child had a fever as soon as he was hospitalized. The fever lasted for 20 days, and he spent more than 50000 yuan to cure it. To Mr. Jiangs anger, he said, at the end of the day, he found out by accident that his sons body was all right. If there was a problem, it was the thermometer in the hospital.

Mr. Jiangs son is 3 years old. His nickname is Tutu. Five months ago, the child was found to be infected with fatal bacteria in his lungs. After six months of treatment, he spent five to six million yuan from Jiangxi to Shanghai. A month ago, his condition finally stabilized and he was transferred to the current Mingzhou rehabilitation hospital in Zhejiang Province for rehabilitation treatment.

I didnt expect to go through the hospitalization formalities on December 5. On the morning of December 8, the child had a fever. Before the doctor told Mr. Jiang, the child must not have a fever, once the fever will be fatal.

What scares Mr. Jiang even more is that in the 20 days after that, the children used various ways to cool down every day, but their body temperature never went down. In Mr. Jiangs words, these drugs are like hitting others. They have no effect at all.

Its strange that the childs mental state is very good despite the high fever. The key is that, according to the CT results, all indicators are normal. The attending doctor was confused, but Mr. Jiang noticed a detail. His son only showed a high fever when he measured it with a special mercury thermometer, but he did not have a fever at all when he used other thermometers.

Finally, on December 27 last year, Mr. Jiang found a nurse and replaced his son with a new thermometer. The old thermometer still measures 39 degrees, but the new one is only 37 degrees.

We also experimented on the spot. The temperature measured by Mr. Jiangs sons thermometer is about one degree higher.

Mr. Jiang is very angry. In the past 20 days, the medical expenses spent 50000 yuan are still in the second place. My son takes medicine and injections over and over again. How about these crimes?

In this regard, Zhejiang Mingzhou rehabilitation hospital said that their mercury thermometers had no problem, and the test results had errors, because the measurement results would be different with different insertion positions.

However, the reporter learned that the error range of mercury thermometer is positive 0.1 degrees, negative 0.15 degrees. Now the thermometer in question, the error is obviously beyond this range.

In response, the hospital found the head nurse in charge of Mr. Jiangs children. The head nurse put forward a new idea: Mr. Jiangs son has a fever, which is not the high scale of the thermometer, but actually the high temperature. They use other thermometers to measure the temperature of the anus, for example. The child also has a fever. This view was refuted on the spot by Mr. Jiang.

In fact, it is not difficult to confirm whether the child has a fever or not. Since the head nurse said that other thermometers had been used to measure the temperature of the child for only 20 days, we could draw a conclusion. In response, the hospital said that the medical records of children are not convenient to provide.

At the scene, the hospital found the suppliers of these mercury thermometers, Medical Union cloud medical technology company. The other side took out the test report provided by the manufacturer, which was qualified.

Jiangxi Nanchang jiangnancheng medical equipment company also said that the thermometers they produced must be qualified. In the process of transportation, there may be abnormal conditions that affect the quality of products, but there will never be such a high error as Mr. Jiang said.

At present, Mr. Jiang has passed the Zhejiang market supervision department to identify the thermometer involved.

At the same time, the Health Bureau of Xiacheng District of Hangzhou, where Mingzhou rehabilitation hospital is located, said that if patients need medical records, the hospital must provide them. In Mr. Jiangs case, they will intervene immediately.

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