Its not the enemys strength, its the enemys weakness Shanghai is 21 points ahead of the competition

 Its not the enemys strength, its the enemys weakness Shanghai is 21 points ahead of the competition

The Beijing team in the away battle cant enter into the competition state. It plays iron continuously outside the three-point line. On the contrary, although the strength of Shanghai team is not as good as that of its rivals, the first half of the match was a brilliant one, which has been killing Beijing team. With Shi Yuchens quick counterattack and layup, Shanghai team established a 21 point lead. On the other hand, there is no effective counterattack in Beijing. After half-time, Beijing was 30-49 behind.

I dont know if I drank ecstasy at half-time. In the third quarter, the whole team came back to Shanghai and fell into a sleepwalking state. And the power of Hamilton and Youdus two towers on the side of Beijing team began to play. Hamilton continued to score points, and Youdu also staged a good fight back.

Everyone of Beijing team is fighting for the first place, but Shanghai side doesnt show a strong desire for survival. In this competition, Shanghai team only got 6 points, among which Dong Hanlin, Mo taiyunus and Zhang Chunjun got 2 points respectively.

It took more than three minutes in the third quarter before morteunas scored the first point for the team. After that, it took another three minutes for Zhang Chunjun to get the second goal of this section. Shanghai team has only scored in these two sports games. With 2:46 seconds left in the game, Dong Hanlin forced an attack on the inside line, causing Hamilton to commit a foul and hit twice. This is the last time Shanghai team scored in this section. At this time, Shanghai team led by two points with 55-53, but they didnt get a point in nearly three minutes, and Beijing team scored another nine points. From 19 points ahead to 7 points behind, Shanghai team only spent one game time.

At the end of the game, the Shanghai team was back in shape, but the Beijing team firmly took the lead. The two teams drew 22 games at the end of the quarter, and finally Shanghai suffered a big reversal with 77-84.