Breaking through the limits of self, Lu Hans three tour concert starts

 Breaking through the limits of self, Lu Hans three tour concert starts

In the song, some people are hesitant, some people are queuing up, some people have occupied their seats and looked out of the window at the scenery. it shows all kinds of dream chasing states of different groups at present, just like Lu Han is looking back on his past. But also because of this, those who have the same experience are more aware of the outline and color of their dreams, choose to reconcile with the past and move forward fearlessly.

It can be said that Lu Han showed a more three-dimensional self in the first single this is me in the new year. Those marks that once made great efforts to pursue dreams have moistened an important stroke for himself today. Just like the rich and multifaceted cube, multiple colors, and multifaceted display in the cover of a single, each is a dream that he has had, and each side is his unique self.

It is worth mentioning that this dream up is the promotion song of Lu Hans 2020 tour concert, which also means the official launch of Lu Hans three tour, which is a carnival already agreed with fans. Lu Han uses this song as the beginning of this new year to tell those of you who are on the road of pursuing dreams like him. Even if the dreams that he has ever had have been lost, you should also remember to face yourself bravely.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Music: Yang Mingyu nv5736