Preliminary exposure of the autopsy results of Mingdao brother

 Preliminary exposure of the autopsy results of Mingdao brother

Since the mother and son who were strangled did not have any traces of struggle before their death, the police highly suspected that they were afraid of being drugged before their death. In the future, they will find out whether there were drinking drugs, reprocessing suicide, etc. It is preliminarily confirmed that Lin Nan killed his wife and son with a harness, and then hanged them to give birth, but the exact cause of death remains to be determined by autopsy on the afternoon of August 8.

Today, the family members went to a funeral to have a sad look and a dignified atmosphere at the scene. When they saw the remains of three members of Lin Nans family, the family members who didnt speak a word all the way couldnt help feeling and tears broke down on the spot.

It is reported that although Lin Nan and Mingdao, the deceased, were brothers, their personalities were quite different. Lin Nan got married early and gave birth to his eldest grandson, but he was fond of gambling. He borrowed money from all over the place under his brothers star halo for many times, forcing Mingdao to clean up the aftermath. But Lin Nans debt was like a bottomless hole. At last, Mingdao had to bear the pain of cutting with his brother.

As the debt grew larger and larger, and the debtors came to the door for recovery for many times, Lin Nan could not bear it any longer. He sent messages through the communication software to reveal his death intention. At 2:00 p.m. on the 4th, he drove his wife and children to the mountain area of Antai street, parked his car at the temple gate, walked along the path for 800 meters, and died three people.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Hu Mengyao, nk5655