The price list of cies players: AMBA is the top eight of Messi and Ronaldo is not in the top 20

 The price list of cies players: AMBA is the top eight of Messi and Ronaldo is not in the top 20

Transfer market from Germany and cies, the Swiss Football Observatory, are the most famous players in the prediction list. Among them, cies considers various variables when calculating the value of players, such as age, contract length, position, playing time, data, national team performance, team performance, etc. So in terms of accuracy, it is better than transfer market. (in addition to updating the latest players value, cies will regularly publish weekly reports to analyze multiple football data)

In the latest list of player values, mbape, who plays in Paris, is estimated to be worth 265.2 million euros, ranking first in the world. Citys sterling and Liverpool striker Salah are estimated to be worth 223.7 million euros and 175.1 million euros respectively, ranking second and third.

From the fourth to the seventh place are Sancho with 168.9 million euros, Manet with 155.6 million euros, Kane with 150.5 million euros and Rushford with 134.3 million euros. Messi, who has won six Golden Globes, is currently in eighth place with an estimated value of 125.5 million euros. Messis low valuation has a lot to do with his age of 32. Glitzman and lautaro are worth 123.6 million euros and 115.7 million euros, ranking ninth and tenth.

Ronaldo wore a hat in the Serie A league that ended in the early morning of Beijing time this morning. He also became the focus of the medias fury after 56 times of wearing a hat in his career. Although Ronaldo is not old enough, his value failed to enter the top 20 list. Neymar is recognized as the successor of Messi and Ronaldo, but in the last two seasons, due to the difficulty of winning the heavyweight championship in Paris, his value has declined significantly, and now he is only 19th with 100.4 million euros.

Refer to the latest ranking of players value in the transfer market. The top ten players are as follows (11 people, because there are value parallels). Mbape (u20ac 200 million), Sterling (u20ac 160 million), Neymar (u20ac 160 million), MANET (u20ac 150 million), Salah (u20ac 150 million), Kane (u20ac 150 million), debrouane (u20ac 150 million), Messi (u20ac 140 million), Sancho (u20ac 120 million), glitzman (u20ac 120 million), Azar (u20ac 120 million).

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