The movie the mirror without shadow reveals the ultimate Trailer suspense and hidden dangers

 The movie the mirror without shadow reveals the ultimate Trailer suspense and hidden dangers

Its hard to distinguish between true and false father and son

Tajikistan film the mirror without shadow tells the story of thinking about salvation and human nature because of a heart. In the trailer of this exposure, the identity of two main characters in the film is revealed for the first time: one is jomish, the son of hidden murderer, and the other is Anwar, the father of Qiaobu murderer. Generally speaking, the father-child relationship is related to the happiness of family, happiness and other words, but in this notice, the father-child relationship seems to be extraordinary! The son with a blank expression in the last second is cruel and extremely painful to kill in the next second; he followed his father in the first second, and then he fell on his sons chest and smiled. What makes the story even more confusing is a photo on a notebook and salofat, the girl at the scene of the crime. Why does joomish look dignified when he sees the photo? What was the girls attempt to rush into Anwars room? What kind of dark tide is surging above the chess game, and what kind of cruel truth is there under the chess game? Atonement or which crime?

Deep enough to make Tajik foreign culture brighter and more colorful

Pluralistic values coexist together to promote harmony and common prosperity.

In recent years, with the development of Sino Thai one belt and one road cooperation project, bilateral cultural and artistic exchanges have been increasing. As the first Tajik film released on the big screen in China, the mirror without shadow has been given more significance. It not only represents the artistic level of Tajikistans films, but also the witness of the cultural harmony and friendly exchanges between the two countries. It also means that Chinese culture will move towards the world with a more inclusive attitude. It is believed that under the opportunity of one belt and one road, China will join hands with other countries to promote multicultural communication and cooperation so as to realize the common prosperity of the film industry and the market.

The film the mirror without shadow is produced by tajix tantajik film company, introduced by China Film Group Corporation, and jointly released by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. and China Film Co., Ltd. and will be released nationwide on January 10, 2020.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)