Nearly 60percent of users use n brush! Hejuhuating Quanxi CP receives official hair sugar

 Nearly 60percent of users use n brush! Hejuhuating Quanxi CP receives official hair sugar

As a masterpiece of the year, hejuhuating, starred by Luo Jin and Li Yitong, has won the attention and hot discussion of the audience since its solo broadcast in Youku in November, with its ups and downs of the plot and excellent and elegant service, and has successively topped several authoritative hot lists of the whole network.

On January 6, the final 5 episodes of hejuhuating were updated once. Xiao Dingquan and Lu wenxiqianfan have gone through their lives and finally met their mountains and rivers in the middle of Sichuan; Xiao Dingquan and Xiao Ruijian have finally reconciled their mutual abuse of father and son, and their deep fathers love has been transformed into their fathers head hunting for their son. Deeply moved by the plot, netizens said they were reluctant to part with it and said want to see it again.

According to Youku data, since the broadcast of hejuhuating, Youku VIP members have contributed 170 million hours to watch the show. In addition, there are nearly 60% of users who use n brush to experience the delicacy and delicacy of the episode by watching it repeatedly. Beautiful lines and profound cultural background also attract a large number of highly knowledgeable users. According to Youkus statistics, the proportion of masters degree and doctors degree in the users of hit shows of hejuhuating has reached 1.2 times of the benchmark value of video content of the whole station, and 1.3 times of the benchmark value of the whole station. Not only that, these users also spontaneously organize a collection of lines, explain strange words and write historical allusions in the popular science play of small paper, so as to catch up with the play.

For the majority of opera fans, the attraction of hejuhuating is not only the plot, but also the classic scenes and the cultural mood and national style in it. These are the original conceptual digital mood exhibition magnificent and still in the world created by the Chinese team gla grammoyi, with digital art and installation art as the medium and derived from oriental aesthetics The exploration and expression of artistic conception and humanistic beauty coincide. As a result, Youku gives full play to the long tail effect of the hit drama and, together with gla granmoyi, launches magnificent, still in the world x hejuhuating - conceptual digital artistic conception Exhibition.

According to reports, magnificent and still in the world x hejuhuating - conceptual digital artistic conception Exhibition deeply integrates the elements of the play, including not only the scene experience with full sense of science and technology such as cloud axis entry and thousands of miles of rivers and mountains carved by laser, projection and air fog machine, but also the restoration of classic scenes such as screen love and tea ordering in hejuhuating, including the daily casual clothes of the characters in the play and Prince Da Wedding costumes, tea and tea sets, go and other costumes and props were also displayed in the exhibition. During the exhibition period from January 6 to January 31 (magnificent and still on display until March 10), most of the opera fans can take photos offline and punch in cards to experience the cultural elegance of the drama.

This scenario Innovation attempt of drama + Exhibition moves the fine content of the drama from online to offline, and displays the charm of national style by relying on the interesting and vivid panoramic immersive artistic conception experience, which not only better meets the needs of the fans for the diversified experience of the film and television drama, but also fully expands the possibility and imagination space of the re development of the film and television IP.

Ecological linkage, customized IP surrounding, high-quality content drives the drama powder economy

In addition to creating a special offline experience Exhibition for opera fans, Youku hejuhuating also launched the hejuhuating series with Alibaba fishs make something new platform: a small crane warming hand treasure that can warm your hands and charge them, a hand ledger with fingerprint encryption black technology, and a cross-border new style that integrates the relevant national elements of the show, such as a small crane canvas bag, mobile phone shell, mouse pad, yoga pad, etc Product. During the exhibition, the surrounding of this series will also be displayed on the spot.

Youku not only customizes series derivatives for high-quality dramas through ecological linkage, but also constantly stimulates and meets the audiences new consumption demand with high-quality content, so as to expand the IP commercialization boundary and develop the drama powder economy. According to reports, the popularity of Youkus twelve hours of Changan in 2019 has led to a consumption boom of culture, catering and tourism. The aesthetics of Song Dynasty displayed in hejuhuating has also attracted the attention of many fans of national style and Hanfu groups, which has driven the rapid growth of sales of ancient style clothing. According to Taobao data, since the drama was launched, the turnover of the same payment of hejuhuating has increased by 1206% month on month; the turnover of song made Hanfu has increased by 1172% year on year, and the turnover has increased by 932% year on year.

In addition, the popularity of the series also stimulated the consumption of the original novel. According to Taobao data, since the launch of hejuhuating, the turnover of original novels has increased by 743% month on month; the data of Shuqi novels shows that the popularity of hejuhuating has also driven the number of online readers of the original books to increase by 552% month on month.

From twelve hours of Changan to hejuhuating to Daming Fenghua, Youku continues to launch a high-quality drama series with both reputation and popularity. While participating in shaping the national cultural identity and leading the beauty of national style, Youku also fully relies on the advantages of the platform to promote the development of new consumption of culture and entertainment.