Zeng Zhiqiao: no one can live alone

 Zeng Zhiqiao: no one can live alone

Zeng Zhiqiao said in an interview with the magazine, there was a time when I felt that I was living alone, working hard and even fighting with what I believed, and I felt that no one else knew me, so I didnt need to tell others, I wanted to prove it to you by myself, so even my family didnt know what I had experienced, at work, in my heart or even in love; My first boyfriend didnt know me at all, because I didnt say anything, I didnt have time to say anything, and I didnt think it was necessary.

But after a period of time, her whole people changed, I know it is difficult to change people, but it is really possible that because of a certain thing, there will be an enlightenment or something suddenly, just like compared with that year, my personality is really a big change of one hundred and eighty degrees.

She also mentioned that please stop the self threat called introspection, which is really self accusation and introspection, of course, should not be a bad ability, but once it is too much, it will hurt your vitality. This is actually what I realized recently, that is, I found that I would often blame myself, and the speed is super fast. She felt that the words of blaming herself were actually horrible, and even had a sense of self intimidation.

A lot of people will think that its a good thing to have a high self-esteem and whats wrong with it, but dont forget that its also a very noticeable negative energy. Zeng Zhiqiao thinks that excessive introspection will turn into self accusation, even self denial, which is very hurtful. After all, if you spend a lot of time detouring at similar points, or if you dont have energy and kinetic energy, you really cant go forward. Introspection is OK, but please take good care of your heart at the same time.

She realized that the heart is the same as the body, whether good or bad, you can share, you can care about others listening to others sharing, and you can sleep, so basically you will not be unhealthy.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie