Immortals are also lonely Jiang Ziya exposes the poster of being your own God

 Immortals are also lonely Jiang Ziya exposes the poster of being your own God

The artistic conception of the poster released this time is aesthetic and rich in connotation, revealing the movies temperament of both cool degree and depth. On the screen, the poster shows Jiang Ziyas grand scene of behind is the heaven and the earth, under the feet are all the people, reflecting the films grand world view and background. In connotation, in the first poster, Jiang Ziyas face is dignified, and the potential of his practice is quite the war is coming, which reveals the cool degree of the film plot. In the second poster, Jiang Ziya overlooks the vast mountains and rivers alone, showing the loneliness and loneliness of the hero from the peak to the trough, echoing the theme of being your own God, showing the depth of the films connotation.

As a relay work of the movie the devil child of Nezha comes to the world, the movie Jiang Ziya boldly adapts the traditional myth, takes stick to self as the breakthrough point, shapes flesh and blood Oriental hero, and helps gomos diversified splendor. The film subverts the classic, and tells the story that Jiang Ziya, the long of gods, was demoted to the world for a while, and finally found himself in the choice of destiny and original heart. In terms of character setting, Jiang Ziya has both sides of God and man. His character core integrates the confusion and confusion of contemporary people, and has a strong sense of resonance and substitution, leading the audience to explore themselves with the role.

Perfect polish of details and plot, perfect balance of inheritance and innovation

As the second part of the Chinese mythology series of the color strip house, the film Jiang Ziya was polished by the top animation production team in China for four years, showing ingenuity in details and plot. For example, in terms of details, in order to pursue the texture of the film and the coordination of the painting style, the production team expended a lot of money and manpower, and all materials in the film were creatively painted by hand. In addition, the use of traditional cultural elements in the film is also full of heart. The use of various jewelry, patterns and even some lines and performance methods in the film is based on a large number of references and explorations of classic literature such as Fengshen romance and Shanhaijing. In the theme of the plot, the film focuses on the confusion and confusion of the contemporary people, and helps the traditional culture out of the circle with the spirit of modern culture. It is reported that the production team often grind the script, or even hold a script discussion for more than 12 hours. It is the close forced careful consideration of the production team that creates a high degree of unity of visual effect, story and theme of the film, as well as a wonderful balance between inheritance and innovation of the film, and helps promote excellent traditional Chinese culture.

The movie Jiang Ziya is jointly produced by Beijing Light Film Co., Ltd., light color bar house film industry, zhongchuanhe road and cocoa bean animation. After the birth of Nezhas devil child, Jiang Ziya, a World War I blockbuster, will be released nationwide on the first day of the new year (January 25).

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)