Russian t-90m main battle tank is about to be equipped with a new type of depleted uranium penetrator

 Russian t-90m main battle tank is about to be equipped with a new type of depleted uranium penetrator

Russian media pointed out that, like the development of new weapons, the upgrading and transformation of existing equipment is also full of various variables, which may not be listed within the specified time, resulting in delays. But the Deputy Defense Chief said the installation of the t-90m would not be delayed for too long - not more than a year. It is expected that 60 t-90m trains will be installed in the first batch.

According to Krivoruchko, the biggest advantage of the t-90m is that it is equipped with a real-time digital information broadband transceiver. This makes it a network center unit in the battlefield, that is to say, a tank changes from a single combat unit to a combat unit with its own integrated command system. Multiple tanks can exchange battle information with each other and distribute battle effectiveness reasonably, so as to better complete combat tasks.

Photo: Russian t-90m improved tank, 125 mm main gun adjusted to elevation. (official website of Russian Ministry of Defense)

Photo: Russian army t-90m breakthrough improved main battle tank. (Defense blog)

It is reported that, like the t-14 tank, the t-90m tank is equipped with a 125mm 2a82-1m shotgun. The early T-90 used the 2a46m-5 gun. The new type of muskets not only have a longer barrel, but also have a longer ammunition chamber, so the length of the new armor piercing projectile equipped with the t-90m tank can reach 900mm. The autoloader has also been improved to be able to load longer sizes of ammunition.

The ammunition of t-90m is also a new type, namely vacuum - 1 and vacuum - 2 high-speed shelled tail stabilized penetrator (APFSDS). The former is made of tungsten alloy, while the latter is depleted uranium warhead. Due to the longer warhead of the projectile, compared with the earlier similar ammunition of shorter size, the armor piercing thickness of the vacuum series armor piercing projectile has been increased from 500 to 600mm to 800 to 900mm homogeneous armor (RHA).

Data picture: Russian army t-90m improved tank and T-72 tank co drill. (official website of Russian Ministry of Defense)

In order to accommodate the new main gun equipped with an automatic loader, the t-90m turret design has been changed, but the size has not been increased significantly, the report said. In fact, no matter T-90 or T-72, they are all small projection area tanks, that is to say, the tank turrets keep the smallest area to be shot. This means that t-90m tanks are more difficult to hit by enemy tank shells.

Another advantage of the main guns used in the t-90m and t-14 is that they can use the new ammunition specially developed for the new generation tank of the Russian army, especially the intelligent ammunition with programmable fuse.

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