New energy vehicles with a endurance of more than 600km in 2020

 New energy vehicles with a endurance of more than 600km in 2020

Time of entering China: within 2020

In mid December 2019, Ford recently announced the latest news of Ford Escape plug-in hybrid model. It is reported that the new car will have a pure electric range of more than 30 miles (about 48 kilometers), and will be first sold in the United States in the spring of 2020, starting at $3423500 (about 240000 yuan). [listing of Changan Ford Ruiji u2192 transfer gate u2190

The new car is positioned as a compact SUV. In terms of appearance and interior decoration, it will continue the design of the current fuel version of the car, with a strong and fashionable focus as a whole. Previously, the domestic Ford Escape, Changan Ford Ruiji, was officially launched. The new car launched three sub models in advance, all equipped with 2.0T turbocharged engine, with the price range of RMB 188800-218800.

If there is no accident, the new model will be first launched in the United States in the spring of 2020. According to the official starting price, it has an advantage of $3200 compared with the basic price of the main competitor, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, while the other major competitor, Toyota rav4pphev, has not yet sold at the public price, but the latter has a stronger pure electric endurance, with 39 miles (about 63 kilometers), providing four wheels Drive.

[BMW ix3

Time of entering China: put into production in 2020

On July 22, 2019, the BMW ix3 model may adopt the suffix of sdrive75, which means that the new car will be equipped with a 75kwh battery pack. The BMW ix3 will be put into production in China in the future in 2020. The new car is a pure electric version of the new X3, with more than 200kW motor and more than 400km endurance mileage.

At present, the bmwedrive technology has become part of the plug-in hybrid drive system used in the BMWi performance model and minicooper secountry man all 4. In bmwconceptix3, the next highly integrated development phase of the technology provides full motor mobility. Future electric sav series product versions will therefore also benefit from the technical foundation to support BMWs next powertrain, which is expected to be released in 2021.

The new car has BMWs iconic double kidney grille, but there is a difference between the middle of the grille and the ordinary model, with the blue accentuated closed grille, which continues the brand of bmwivisiondynamics; at the same time, the closed grille can also reduce air resistance and improve aerodynamics.

With the global launch of BMW Concept ix3, BMW Group is opening a new chapter for its electrification strategy. The new car is based on a new platform architecture, which can meet the requirements of front wheel, rear wheel and all wheel drive, and can be compatible with traditional internal combustion engine, plug-in hybrid system, pure electric system and other programs.

The fifth generation BMW drive technology is known for its extremely compact design. Motors, transmissions and power electronics are now grouped into a single component, making it easier to integrate into different vehicle architectures. BMWis rich experience and expertise in battery technology and battery design have been strictly applied to further improve the performance, energy content, charging capacity and durability of the battery.

The BMW Concept X3 previews the integration of the world-renowned driving pleasure of the BMW X series and the local emission free driving system. The energy storage system has a newly developed charging control unit that can be connected to a fast charging station up to 150KW. The high-voltage battery can be charged in 30 minutes.

[Benz EQS

Release time: within 2020

On December 20, 2019, according to the plan of Mercedes Benz, the EQS of Mercedes Benz, which will be released in 2020 and put on the market in 2021, will be a pure electric medium and large vehicle. It will follow the design of the concept car of Mercedes Benz visioneqs, and the headlight is also equipped with a holographic lens module.

Recently, Mercedes Benz released a picture on its official website, in which it mainly reviewed various milestones of Mercedes Benz in lighting, from the candlelight in 1886 to the introduction of the first electric lamp in 1910, to the use of the first dual filament bulb in 1934, etc., until 2020, a new electric vehicle covered by cloth curtain will be equipped with intelligent digital headlamp, each headlight The group has two holographic lens modules.

Mercedes Benzs vision QS concept car debuted at Frankfurt auto show, while Guangzhou auto show 2019 was the first show of vision QS in China. EQS is positioned as the S-class in EQ pure electric vehicle series, which is a flagship luxury pure electric vehicle, while vision indicates that the vehicle will guide the future direction of Mercedes Benzs new luxury doctrine.

In particular, the lighting effect of the digital lighting technology on the concept car is eye-catching. As many as 940 independent light-emitting diodes are distributed in the grid. Each five LEDs form a shining three-way star. 188 stars surround the central luminous three-way star emblem, creating a beautiful visual experience. At the same time, the intelligent digital headlamp of visioneqs concept car also has a holographic lens module.

The mass production version of Mercedes Benz EQS test car was later exposed. From spy photos, the hatchback shape of the mass production version of EQS is very obvious, and the A-pillar also has a large tilt angle, so it looks very coupe style, and the overall shape is similar to the Mercedes Benz CLS. In terms of platform power, the new car will come from mea architecture or the same as EQC. EQS will carry a motor on the front and rear axles respectively, with the maximum power of 402 horsepower. However, the power battery and endurance mileage information of the new car have not been known yet.

[FAW Toyota New RAV4 Rongfang PHEV

Time of entering China: made by FAW Toyota in 2020

On December 10, 2019, the Internet media revealed that Toyotas rav4phev model may be introduced into production by FAW Toyota in 2020, and the new car will be built based on the rav4prime model appearing at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The model of the new car basically continues the model of RAV4. The front grille adopts the black mesh model, the fog light area on both sides of the bumper adopts the LED light source, and the head adopts the blue Toyota logo.

The new car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 2.5L Atkinson cycle engine and an electric motor. The 2.5L engine outputs 178 horsepower, with a comprehensive power of 306 horsepower.

The acceleration time of 0-100km / h is only 5.8S, the official fuel consumption is only 2.6l/100km, the pure electric endurance is 63km, equipped with four-wheel drive system.

[SAIC Volkswagen ID. car

Time of entering China: domestic version will appear in the first half of 2020

On November 8, 2019, the Anting plant of SAIC Volkswagen new energy vehicles was completed, and the first ID. series model was driven off the production line. It is worth mentioning that from the perspective of on-site models, although this SUV has a similar disguise as ID. before, the details of the model on display are not the same as ID. at first.

The ID. model unveiled this time is the first ID. family model put into production by SAIC Volkswagen in the future. It was also born on the MEB platform and positioned as a pure electric compact SUV. It is expected to officially appear in the second half of 2020. In addition, the id.3 model will also be born in SAIC Volkswagen Anting factory.

From the perspective of the on-site models, the front face design of this ID. series SUV is different from that of the previous one. At first, although both of them also use a through type light-emitting lamp to connect the headlights on both sides, the light belt of the new car is directly inserted into the headlights, with a more fashionable visual effect. In addition, the design of the headlights, bumpers and other details of the two cars are totally different.

Todays models are very similar in the design of the body side, and the trend of the waist line is basically the same. In terms of the general size, the new car and ID. are also very close at first sight, and thanks to the advantages of MEB platform, the design of the front and rear short suspension can greatly improve the control, approach angle and departure angle, and the wheelbase can also be very excellent compared with the same level of models Potential.

The new car is equipped with five spoke petal wheel hub with outstanding fashion sense. The tire comes from Goodyear, with the size of 235 / 50r20, which is one inch smaller than the previous ID.

In terms of the design of the rear part, there are also obvious differences between the two cars. Although the iconic through tail lights are used, it is obvious that the lines of the new car are more straight and square, while the lines of ID. at the beginning are more adequate.

Market analysis:

As one of the giants of traditional fuel oil enterprises, Volkswagens pace of entering the new energy field is slow. At present, most of its pure electric products are slightly less competitive. However, the ID. series products, born on the new MEB platform, will change Volkswagens decline in the field of pure electric. In addition, VW also selects the most popular SUV market in China to open the market according to local conditions. If the price is reasonable after entering the market in the future, it will cause considerable pressure on the whole domestic pure electric market.

Factory introduction:

Located in Anting, Shanghai, SAIC Volkswagen New Energy Vehicle Factory is the worlds first newly built factory dedicated to the production of MEB platform models. With a total investment of 17 billion yuan and a planned annual production capacity of 300000 vehicles, the project will be officially put into production in October 2020. It is currently the largest pure electric vehicle factory in China with the highest production scale and efficiency. The factory has stamping, car body, paint, general assembly and battery assembly workshops, car body distribution center, automatic three-dimensional elevated warehouse, test track and other facilities; the workshops cross the municipal road through the corridor. The factory design pays special attention to the intensive use of land, and the land area of the new factory is one third of that of other newly-built factories of the same scale.


As an old brand enterprise, Volkswagens own strength is beyond doubt. The arrival of ID. series will definitely bring a revolutionary change to the domestic pure electric market. Its enough for us to feel that the public is eager to show their real strength in the domestic market. If the final pricing reputation and after-sales performance can reflect the strength of the public, then the ID. series may really promote a reshuffle in the domestic pure electric market.

[initial view of Volkswagen ID

Time of entering China: within 2020

On October 31, 2019, the public brand held a very meaningful press conference in China. At the meeting, the latest brand logo of Volkswagen (brand new logo) was officially launched; at the same time, Volkswagen also announced the latest strategic plan - gotozero (towards zero emissions); in addition, Volkswagen also brought a brand new ID series model - ID. first sight, and id.3 model made its debut in China after the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

* ID. initial domestic launch

1. Positioning small SUV

ID. is initially positioned in a small pure electric SUV.

2. For the Chinese market

ID. is the first model of ID. family named in Chinese, which is specially designed for the Chinese market.

3. Continuation ID. family design

ID. initially, the design style of ID. family is continued. The front face is designed without grid. The LED headlamp is connected with logo, which has a strong sense of technology. The side of the car body is full of lines, round in outline, and equipped with large-size wheels. The shape of the cars tail is concave and convex, and the through tail lamp is designed with laminated led.

[SAIC Volkswagen id.3

Time of entering China: made by SAIC Volkswagen in 2020

Id.3 is a compact pure electric car in the ID. family, which is based on the new MEB platform of Volkswagen. The length / width / height of the new car (European version) is 4261 / 1089 / 1552mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2765mm. Due to the lack of the complex structure of the internal combustion engine, the four wheels of the new car can be closer to the four corners of the vehicle, which can improve the control and make the car have better space performance.

2. To be made by SAIC Volkswagen

3. Family design and brand new logo

As the first model to appear in the family, we can also find some future family style design elements from id.3. The closed front face design is very simple. A chrome plated decoration runs through the brand-new logo to connect the two side headlights together, and the simple lines outline the VW Id familys face. The design of the lower bumper also plays a role in widening the visual effect of the front of the car. The honeycomb design on the top has no practical effect, just to embellish the front of the car.

4. Top speed 160km / h, three kinds of endurance (European version)

Id.3 is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor on the rear axle. The maximum power of the motor is 150KW (204ps), the maximum torque is 310n u00b7 m, and the maximum speed can reach 160kW / h. In terms of endurance, European models will offer 330km, 420km and 550km options.


Listing time: June 2020

On January 2, 2020, BYD officially released two new car trailers of BYD Han. According to the previous information, the new car is expected to be officially launched in June this year. With the disclosure of the notice chart, we can guess that the pure electric version of the model should be launched in the early stage, and there should be a dual-mode hybrid model in the later stage. Biyadihan is positioned as a medium and large car, which adopts a four door car running design and will carry a new super battery of Biyadi.

According to the announcement chart, hanev may be an early model. In terms of modeling style, BYD Han has made some improvements based on the family style dragonface language. The through chrome trim is more robust, and both sides directly enter the interior of the headlight chamber, which looks more moving. The side lines of the car are round, and the effect of sliding back is created by sliding from the roof to the rear. Not long ago, according to the official information of BYD automobile, BYD Han successfully completed the wind tunnel test at the Shanghai ground vehicle wind tunnel center, the busiest wind tunnel in Asia. The test results show that the wind resistance coefficient of Han is only 0.233.

* ultra low wind resistance coefficient

Biadhan is able to achieve a drag coefficient of 0.233 (Tesla models has a drag coefficient of 0.24). First of all, it benefits from the high integration of first-class modeling design and pneumatic engineering. Wolfgang egger, global design director of BYD, said: at the beginning of development, Han made it clear that he wanted to achieve the integration of good design and high performance, so the modeling design from the beginning would take the realization of ultra-low wind resistance coefficient as an important goal.

Biadhans smooth lines from the front, the roof to the rear of the car are based on the full consideration and in-depth study of the air flow impact. This means that the resistance caused by the friction between the air and the body is reduced to the lowest level, and at the same time, the air will not be thrown away from the body, resulting in a low pressure area on the roof, reducing the downforce obtained by the body, and affecting the handling stability.

In the design of the front face, the front engine room cover of Han Dynasty starts from a lower position than before. The round arc outlines the smooth lines of the front face contour, which not only brings a greater air pressure difference between the upper and lower parts of the car body, but also obtains a greater downward pressure, further ensuring the fit between the air flow and the car body.

Subsequently, the water drop mirror and the hidden door handle fully integrate the practical functions and the design with low wind resistance characteristics, and cooperate with the smooth passage of air flow. Starting from the C-pillar, the upper part of the cabin is gradually narrowed, forming a beautiful and powerful wide shoulder shape, while also continuing the air flow direction fitting the body.

Pneumatic separation of the rear of the car, through the use of elegant and powerful pneumatic separation design on both sides of the rear of the car, the air flow on both sides of the car body comes to the rear of the car and leaves almost in a straight line, avoiding getting involved in the vortex area at the rear of the car, so as to realize the clever integration of beautiful design and low wind resistance.

u2191 exposure after exposure adjustment

* launch date & Super battery

1. It will be listed from the end of the second quarter to the beginning of the third quarter of next year (expected in June)

2. Only DM and ev versions are available

3. The wheelbase is more than 2900mm, positioning medium and large car

4. Use BYDs new super battery

Features of new generation super battery

a) Volume specific energy density will increase by 50%;

c) Long life: the service life of the new generation super battery is up to 1.2 million kilometers, which will greatly improve the operation life of new energy vehicles.

) Long endurance: a new generation of super battery, with a endurance of up to 600 km, which means that the total energy of the battery pack can be greatly increased by using BYDs new generation of super battery, so as to improve the endurance mileage and the car experience.

* spy photo information

1. Car body modeling

The body contour of the new car is close to that of the four door coupe, and the smooth sliding back roof stretches to the rear of the car, showing the design features of the short trunk.

2. The design of dragon face is upgraded again

The front part of this new model is wide, thick and full. Under the front bumper, the left and right sides have unique aerodynamic design, and both sides are equipped with LED headlights.

3. The rear of the car is full of LED tail lights

The shape of the rear part of the car is also wide, thick and strong, and the rear fender shows a full sense of strength. The rear tail lamp adopts LED light guide strip design.

4. Visually larger than Qin Pro

Compared with the qinpro car in the same test field, the new model is significantly longer, wider and larger, and its overall body size will be between the medium and medium-sized and large-sized cars by visual inspection.

5. BYDs rigorous test

It is understood that every model of BYD has to undergo rigorous tests before being put into mass production. In addition to experiencing extreme cold, extreme heat, ice and snow, desert, mountain road and other tests on the actual road, it is also necessary to conduct intensive tests in the professional test field for several months. In the test field, many vehicles of the same model have to cycle through acceleration, braking, high speed, turbulence and other experimental roads day by day. By this means, BYDs engineers can simulate various road conditions and working conditions that ordinary users can experience only after driving hundreds of thousands of kilometers in several years or even more than ten years, so as to verify whether the vehicle performance meets the design requirements and user needs, and according to the actual situation The test results show that the design is improved and the performance quality is improved.

[SAIC Volkswagen tuyue pure electric

Time of entering China: issued in the middle of 2020

In terms of appearance, it continues the design idea of purepower Langyi: the purepower version of tuyue is basically the same as the fuel version in terms of appearance and interior decoration, but there will be differences in some details to show the special identity of purepower version.

In terms of power, pure electric tuyue will be driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor. It is reported that this motor has the same version as pure electric Lanyi, with a maximum power of 100kW and a maximum torque of 290nm. In terms of endurance mileage, although Lanyis performance is not excellent, thanks to the SUV model with more space for battery packs, tuyues performance will be slightly better, and the pure electric endurance mileage is expected to exceed 300km.

The final price of this compact electric SUV based on MQB platform should be around 200000 yuan. At the same time, to meet the domestic double credit policy, to enjoy various preferential measures for new energy vehicles, large space and good brand reputation will be the advantages of this vehicle to attract consumers.

[Jiayue A5 pure electric version

Listing time: within 2020

During the 2019 Guangzhou auto show, JAC Jiayue A5 pure electric model appeared. The new car adopts the design language of Jiayue A5 fuel version, but integrates the design elements of electric vehicles.

The appearance of the new car is full and the shape is stable; the difference between the front face and the fuel version is that the closed front middle net is adopted, and the charging port is in the front of the car head; the triangle decoration around both sides of the front is the unique design of pure electric vehicle. The side of the car adopts the design of suspended roof, the length, width and height of the body are 4772 / 1820 / 1514mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2760mm. The through tail light is used at the rear of the car, and the small duck tail shape is used in the rear compartment.

The interior of the new car uses a large-scale central control screen, which reduces the physical buttons. It is equipped with a three spoke multi-functional steering wheel and a knob type gearshift mechanism.

The new car is equipped with 204 horsepower, 340 nm permanent magnet synchronous motor, and 64kwh lithium battery pack. The acceleration time of 0-100km / h is 7.9 seconds. The NEDC has a endurance of 550km and a top speed of 150km / h.

[Changan new energy e-star

Listing time: the first quarter of 2020

On December 11, 2019, it was reported that Changan new energy e-star will be launched in the first quarter of 2020. The new car has a sharp shape, and the interior is equipped with a suspended 10.25 inch dual screen.

New car information:

1. The fully enclosed front face is designed to be used by new energy vehicles. The lower air inlet is decorated like sharks gill. The headlamp group has a sharp shape. It adopts full LED light source and adds e-star logo at the rear of the vehicle.

2. The interior is decorated with fluorescent yellow. The suspended 10.25 inch dual screen design on the center console has a full sense of science and technology. The rotary gearshift mechanism is consistent with the old model.

3. In terms of power, it has not been officially announced. As a reference, the maximum power of the motor of the current model is 55kW, the maximum torque is 170n u00b7 m, and the endurance mileage is 301km.

[Changan new energy e-rock

Listing time: January 2020

On November 29, 2019, it was reported that Changan new energy e-rock will be launched in January 2020. The new car adopts the same design style as cs55plus, and NEDC has a endurance of 605km.

New car information:

1. The appearance is similar to the style of cs55plus. The front face adopts the more common closed grid, multi banner chrome plating decoration. The high and low beam integrated LED headlamp is composed of 12 high brightness high and low beam chips + 5 photoconductive daytime driving light chips.

2. The interior decoration adopts the color contrast treatment of star blue and night charm black, large area of pure handmade Nappa pattern soft skin covering with brushed trim, and large area of instrument panel adopts the soft plastic lining process.

3. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with a 10.25 inch central control display and a 10 inch full LCD instrument. The integrated screen design enhances the sense of technology. In addition, the new car also uses a flat bottom steering wheel.

[geometric new SUV

Starting time: the first quarter of 2020

On December 25, 2019, according to the official information of geometry, the second model ge13 of geometry will be launched soon. At the same time, according to the art font C in the preheating poster, the new car may be geometric C. According to previous information, the new car will be a crossover suv.

At present, the existing model of geometry car is geometry a, and its internal code is ge11. According to the known information, the latest ge13 will continue the product naming method of geometry a and share technical resources. According to the official announcement, the name of the new car is likely to be geometric C.

u2191 appearance of geometry a

2. Spy photos look like SUVs

3. Interior guess is similar to geometry a

According to the relevant channel information, the interior of the new car will be similar to the design and layout of geometry a, and will also be adjusted and improved (for example, the e-touch central super touch area of geometry a will be replaced with physical buttons on the new car).

u2191 geometric a interior


In the process of continuous development, new energy vehicles have gradually changed from the original step by step to products that can meet diversified, multi-functional and multi-demand. Although electric driven vehicles are not the first time for human beings, it is not easy to completely replace fuel vehicles. Let new energy vehicles continue to move forward in 2020.