Behind the 2.5 billion broadcast volume, are the good sounds earned by IQ?

 Behind the 2.5 billion broadcast volume, are the good sounds earned by IQ?

She is the game level picking the feet of the trembling sound to eat chicken one sister - a small group.

In August 2018, there was a trembling sound. So far, a small group has won 3194w fans with its funny soul. It has won a total of 480 million fans (the total playback volume is estimated to be over 5 billion).

The accounts of more than 30 million fans are only sidelines for her. The main business of the small group -- the live broadcast is in the fighting fish, also has the 1334.6w fan, the trembling sound mostly sends out some clip video recording works.

Multi platform flow feedback gives small groups more exposure.

Now, she has won the first prize in the weekly and monthly charts of the anchorman of survival of the Jedi for many times, and has become the first sister to eat chickens and fish in just a few months.

Is it really as smooth as it seems that a small groups road to success?

Dont ask me again to show you whats the use of this. Asking is that you are old. Dont say much. Lets get to the point.

01 who is a small group?

A small group, a female anchor of the game survival of the Jedi in Yueyang, Hunan Province, is well known for the interesting live video style of sand sculptures and the miserable game level.

Xiaotuan began to settle down in douyu TV in early 2017, but unexpectedly, the live broadcast was not only unpopular, but also opposed by family members.

After all, at that time, the game host had to fight hard to be seen. In the face of double pressure, the little group had no choice but to give up the live broadcast.

In 2018, Xiaotuan was hospitalized due to bathing and falling. In the days of recuperation, the small group picked up the live broadcast again. The intensity of live broadcast for more than ten hours every day brought the accumulation of fans to the small group.

Later, the small regiment will edit the interesting content in the live broadcast into a small video to be released to the jitter.

A small group of trembling works, praised 200w+

The magical singing with personal characteristics makes the number of fans in the small group grow rapidly.

Up to now, the small group of more than 5000 w fans of the whole network has become a real chicken eating sister.

The voice of the little group in the video is cute and attractive, and fans often leave a message in the comment area: do you like it? The Group trades IQ for it.

With the explosion of Jedi survival, in order to increase popularity, the live broadcast on the face has become a weapon for many female anchors, such as small regiments, who only rely on the voice of the anchor will naturally suffer from the suspicion of others.

Some of them questioned the authenticity of the voice of Xiaotuan. They thought that in the era of the popularity of the sound transformer, the live broadcast of Xiaotuan, who never showed his face, was actually a big lady.

My appearance and voice dont match. Ive tried live video. Not only the effect is not good, but also my style is lost. I hope you can understand my difficulties.

|If you dont follow the cute girls route, you will have to be evil

If the voice is the characteristic of small group video, then the singing of small group is unique!

Many netizens once commented that Tuan Tuans singing was brainwashed as soon as he heard it, which was very infectious.

If you are often active in short video software such as jitter, fast hands, then you must have heard the toot, doodle or the riding on my favorite little motorcycle. It will never jam.

The songs of these sand sculptures come from small groups.

And these music, like viruses, spreads in the whole network at a crazy speed, and is used as BGM of video by many short video bloggers.

Even the cyclians voice account has chosen the magic song of BGM to create videos.

From then on, the music ignited the soul of the little group.

During the next period, all kinds of sand sculpture music created by the small group continued to vibrate.

The netizen began to call Xiao Tuan the biggest fan of sand sculpture music suppliers. Even she herself added the word death song of competition in the cover of the live broadcast.

|The operational genius of the host world

The most common way for a host to cash in is to offer virtual gifts to fans.

In recent years, with the rise of live platforms such as douyu and Huya, capital has poured in rapidly, and the establishment of major game clubs has also attracted the attention of game lovers.

Therefore, with such a huge fan base, some game hosts can earn a considerable amount of income just by fans rewards. The RMB income of 1W + per month is not a problem.

The difference is that the small group will grasp and make use of opportunities. Besides its own studio, she also attaches great importance to platform operation such as jitter, micro-blog, post bar and so on.

In August 2018, the small group released the first vibrato video. So far, 831 pieces have been released, more than the Xinhua news agency that has been chattering in the same period.

As we all know, the official media has always been very diligent, and Xiaotuan, as a game anchor, is also so diligent, which is really admirable.

In fact, the most important quality of the anchor is diligence. Every successful anchor, which is not day and night in the live room, pulling out the voice. Its really not something that ordinary people can hold on to.

In the previous video, Xiaotuan also said that after seven or eight hours of live broadcasting every day, they would stay up late to cut the video.

And the advantage of the anchors quivering works is that it is good to edit the live video clips directly without producing the content. This brings great convenience to the whole platform operation.

The explosion of trembling video has accumulated a large number of new fans for the small group.

She then managed to channel her fans to the live room of douyu, which brought a prosperous scene to the live room of Xiaotuan.

The growth speed of the small group is very terrible. In the words of fans, it is: the fighting fish this time picked up the treasure.

It took only a few months from her appearance to her explosion, during which both popularity and gifts rose in a stair like manner.

According to the official data of douyu, in May 2018, the small groups gift income alone reached 525W yuan, which even exceeded many veteran anchors including PDD.

02 why is it a small group?

In many anchors, the emergence of small groups is like a clear stream. She doesnt have the technology to make people angry and tongue tied, and she never hears her voice and doesnt see her. So why can a small group have tens of millions of fans and be sought after by the whole network

|Easy game content can capture the public more

There are tens of millions of game hosts, most of them are chicken eaters. The development of the game survival of the Jedi is beyond many peoples imagination.

The fans and fans of the Jedi survival game have higher and higher requirements for the games anchor. It is more and more difficult for the small anchor to get the favor of the audience.

Just as many anchors kept practicing their shooting skills, small groups appeared.

Different from many anchors, the live broadcast of the small group has program effect.

In addition to the interesting game technology, Jedi survives also has a strong social nature. Every game team members unintentional words will add interest to the game.

Because of this, there are also a group of cloud players who like to watch plays.

Although Xiaotuan has no running operation, her bulldozer like Putonghua, triumphant appearance when she was killed, and the sand carving behavior of jumping in the game can also attract the attention of many players.

As soon as the little group started broadcasting, the atmosphere in the live room immediately changed, and began to become extremely happy.

Because in the live room of the small group, you dont need to learn to operate, and you dont need to worry about whether the operation of the anchor has problems.

You can feel the charm of the game just by having fun with the little group.

|Audiences always like something new

Nowadays, audiences are more and more fond of live broadcast with various watching points.

In addition to small groups, in order to meet the needs of netizens, many anchors also began to seek another way.

For example, brother Yaoshui of tiger teeth live platform brings all kinds of unique skills to the audience. When Yinzi, a brother of the game, explains, he speaks with a Tianjin accent like a cross talk.

Hu Yas host, yaoshuige

The audiences recognition of these contents is more from its own interest.

Therefore, the openness of the chicken eating game and the slightly funny character of the small group itself make the live broadcast a stage for her to show herself wantonly.

The small group tries to play the game happily and interestingly, the audience laughs, and the program effect follows.

|Language is an art, and the speaker is more popular

Because of the wide variety and large number of short videos, people tend to prefer to watch videos with more memory points or interesting ones.

However, the content of live broadcast is more real-time and authentic, and on-the-spot play has become a necessary quality condition for the anchors.

The anchor can really play ghost / B station

For the anchor, language is a kind of business ability, but over time, it has become an art.

Small group not only has strong stemming ability, but also first-class stemming ability, so we can see the small group game scenario in the video.

Its not only a small group, but also Yinzi, a big brother in the main live area of the fighting fish, who also attracted a large number of fans through his funny and humorous Tianjin accent.

BK short documentary

03 segment is easy to understand and enjoy

It is the habit of short video users to watch the game video that sociality is greater than gameplay, and the rise of competitive games has greatly improved the sociality of the game itself.

This kind of audience pays more attention to the emotional resonance of the video to them.

The technology of the host is very good. When the game is won, the audience can feel the emotion of victory.

When the host makes mistakes in operation, showing the crazy actions and expressions, the audience will feel interesting and funny, so as to obtain mental relaxation.

|The anchor is stemmed and the circle is smooth

Short video game hosts not only show game technology in the game, but also have a stem.

For example, the game blogger hot line girl often adds some exaggerated facial expressions to her videos, and is ridiculed by netizens as the most unscrupulous game host.

At the same time, fans have made these facial art pictures into expression packs, and the girls facial art Terrier has spread.

Hot line girl expression bag

Dashima, the protagonist of douyu, is a heros League anchor. In the live broadcast, he said: take back the ghost knife, you cant see it when its opened, you cant walk.... He was used as short video and audio material by numerous netizens.

Even netizens have made two creative works. For a while, they opened the trembling sound, and the big Sima back hand dig stems can be seen everywhere.

Host: dashima

The jitter game blogger, hard to say X game commentary has gained a lot of fans by relying on first-rate game technology.

As the unspeakable in the game is always used to say sorry, so the unspeakable apologizing maniac is engraved in everyones mind.

|Its a must for cloud players

Life is boring, but I have more important things to do than the game. I have no energy to spend my time on the game. Many Internet users usually lack social opportunities, while playing games requires a lot of spare time and energy. The emergence of game bloggers makes up for the lack of some users.

The short video created by these game bloggers condenses the wonderful clips of the whole game, arouses the audience to put their feelings into it, and brings the cloud players spiritual enjoyment.

Of course, users can relax and have fun while experiencing the fun of the game.

Such content can not only attract fans of basic games, but also attract more non game users attention.

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