Australia will shoot 10000 camels in five days because they drink too much water

 Australia will shoot 10000 camels in five days because they drink too much water

According to the Australian newspaper quoted by the US Capitol Hill newspaper, the five-day shooting will start on the 8th local time, and the local environment department will send several helicopters to shoot about 10000 camels. Reported that if the helicopter can be slaughtered at close range, the bodies of these camels will be burned or buried, and the remaining bodies will be left behind.

Marita Baker, a member of the Executive Board of apylands, said camels caused problems for local communities. The sultry environment has made us feel very uncomfortable. Camels also knock down the fences of the residents houses and get water from the air conditioner..

In addition, greenhouse gas emissions have also become the cause of killing camels, the report said. As of 2010, there are nearly one million camels living in many states and northern areas of Australia, which emit one ton of carbon dioxide every year. Without regulation, the number of camels will double every nine years.

The Australian governments practice was strongly opposed by animal protectors, and some netizens accused it of immorality. Some netizens said that taking the time to kill camels will only make the situation worse; some netizens directly denounced disgusting; many people also held grievances for camels, they just want to find water to drink to survive..

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