Is Irans attack imminent? Scholar: the United States needs to prove preventive self-defense

 Is Irans attack imminent? Scholar: the United States needs to prove preventive self-defense

Photo: on January 4 local time, more than 2000 people attended an anti war rally in downtown San Francisco, accusing President trump of ordering the killing of Iranian general Sulaimani. Photographed by Liu Guanguan, reporter of China News Agency

According to Al Jazeera, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio said the purpose of the drone bombing of Sulaimani on the 3rd was to disrupt Irans imminent attack on the United States, which trump later echoed. The U.S. Department of defense also explained that the air strikes were intended to stop a war, not cause trouble.

However, Reuters pointed out that Warner, vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he believed the threat did exist, but how imminent it was remains to be answered. A congressman familiar with intelligence operations said he thought the imminent claim was an exaggeration after hearing from intelligence officials.

The United States needs to provide legal justification for air strikes. According to Heller, a law professor at the University of Amsterdam, in Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, only when authorized by the Security Council, or when it has been or is being attacked, can countries be allowed to use force.

On the contrary, the self-defense claimed by the United States is actually called preventive self-defense, that is, the self-defense action that has not yet been attacked but is expected to be launched when attacked. However, according to reblich, an associate professor of law at Tel Aviv University, the legality of preventive self-defense remains controversial.

Heller believes that the expected attack must be imminent, and preventive self-defense is justified. But UN Special Rapporteur kalamad said: at present, the information available to the UN is not enough to judge whether the US attack is legitimate.

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