Guardiola: Ill never coach Manchester United like I dont go to Real Madrid

 Guardiola: Ill never coach Manchester United like I dont go to Real Madrid

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After coaching Manchester City, I will definitely not go to Manchester United. Its like Ill never coach at Real Madrid. There is no doubt about it. If I didnt get another coaching invitation, I would be in Maldives. Oh, by the way, maybe not in Maldives, because theres no golf there. Guashuai said. In 2012, Ferguson interviewed Guardiola and invited him to coach Manchester City, but he didnt agree to go to Bayern later.

I have a great respect for this club, no matter when it is, I am very sure about it. I also believe that they will return to their proper position in the league in the future. Its hard for a team to win all the time, and under Sir Alex United have had similar problems. Now, their record is not very good, but they will come back Guashuai said.

He is leading Manchester United on the right track, and he gradually sees what he wants. Its not easy to coach a team that wants to win. Every coach needs time.

Ferguson once described Manchester City as a noisy neighbor, and guardsman said: I know that in the years before I came here, we were noisy neighbors. Now, I dont know if we are. In the past eight years, Manchester City have won the Premier League four times, completely crushing Manchester United in honor. Its not the most important game in the world, but its always nice to play against Manchester United, said the manager of Manchester United

For the first time in this seasons Premier League clash, SOHO led Manchester United to beat Manchester City. I respect PEPs team. They have raised the standard a lot, which is also our goal. He has a huge impact on English football, but I have to say that I worked under Ferguson and he is the one who has the biggest impact on English football Soshuai said.

When you watch Manchester City, you have to show respect for their performance on the pitch. They have been adhering to their values and ideas. But we beat them a month ago and we can win them. This time, we will strive for such a result. Every game, we have to play our own style. This is what we want to see from Manchester United and we can continue to improve Soshuai stressed.

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