Howard, who survived the dunk contest and successfully took it off course

 Howard, who survived the dunk contest and successfully took it off course

Before Howard participated in the dunk contest for the first time, the NBA dunk contest had almost entered a dead end. After Carter pushed up the upper limit of the dunk contest in 2000, the NBA dunk contest became a twist twist and twist contest. The action was difficult and ugly, and often could not be completed, so that the NBA officials modified the rules, so that the buckles could try again and again indefinitely, until they were buckled in.

As a result, in 2006, Nate Robinson spent up to 10 minutes of unlimited monthly reading, unlocking the legendary achievement of 14 failed attempts in a single dunk contest, and finally won the championship When Howard first entered the NBA in 2007, the NBA resumed the dunk time limit, so monthly dunk master Nate Robinson failed to dunk continuously and gave the champion to Gerard green directly.

What did Howard do in this competition? He put a big head on the backboard in the preliminaries

After the dunk, the whole court was silent (everyone didnt know what he did, or didnt understand how can you think of such a boring dunk), and the judges, composed of Jordan, Carter, Dr. J, Wilkins and Kobe Bryant, gave a low score, although when the slow motion replay, people found that Howard played a block when dunking And the height of his dunk. However, it didnt work. The first round of preliminary World War II was directly eliminated together with the hot helicopter Terence Thomas.

Howard learned the following year. He came up with a goal from the back of the backboard, then hit the back of the backboard and swung, winning 50 points.

Then Howard pulled out his cloak and played Superman

In fact, from the perspective of dunking alone, because Nelsons throw is too far, Howards take-off is not enough to lose speed, which may not make the dunk closer to the smash itself (as a dunk, he did not touch the basket). If it is not for that Cape bonus, the ball may not even get 45 points.

But its because Howard rushed to the basket in a cape that was too classic. With one trial, he almost didnt waste the atmosphere of the padded court, so he made a legend. So that few people can remember the same wonderful dunk in the final. And the difficulty is not very big, the completion is also the general ball, also unconsciously biased the NBA dunk contest aesthetic

In 2009, Howard did the same thing again. He not only used his cloak again, but also took a dressing room to change his clothes. In the end, the effect of the program was just to launch a higher basket and close the game.

Then, as an opponent, he was willing to be a green leaf, wearing Supermans cloak to let Nate Robinson take krypton star basketball to complete the leap dunk, to hand over the champion to his colleagues, and to push the scene atmosphere to a strange climax.

After that, the style of NBA dunk contest changed completely.

In 2011, Ibaka came out with an honor guard and even began to play plot killing with children.

In 2012, Evans hung a video camera on his body to do live recording. As a result, he swung on the frame for a long time after the deduction, but no one knew what he wanted to do.

Derek Williams, one of the top seafaring players, opened up a big Halley to come in. In the end, the content of dunking was nothing more than a leap over Halley to complete the dunk.

Then George directly turned off the light and put on the night light Jersey to do something. He finished a turn around dunk with a score of 70% after turning on the light.

At this time, the slam dunk competition has become a gimmick. Dunking has become the least exciting part of the whole process. In the next few years, the NBAs dunks will have more and more ideas on the on-site talent display, and the dunks will be more and more pompous.

Never ask a stewardess to be a runway

To the inexplicable show of oil painting

To the more inexplicable scene of coronation

To the Panther mask

To invite celebrities (not even our teams) to show their feet

To the most wordless cosplay

This kind of packaging is of course conducive to media reports. There are gimmicks in it. The titles written must be more exciting, more exciting, and more exciting. For this reason, Howard has naturally become the originator of pompous flow. It has increased the topic and heat for the dead dunk competition, leaving many classic shots (not GIF and video), at least ensuring the competition Continuation of the project.

But the problem is that with such a fuss, there are fewer and fewer buckles that can be remembered and dunks. The judges and the audience are more and more confused about what the dunk contest is compared to. So we may remember the details of the dunk contest 20 years ago, but we cant remember who the champion and contestant of the dunk contest last year were

So as the founder, Howard You are equal to - you also have responsibility! (booth)

So, when Howard returns to dunk this year, what can we expect?

Expect him to show off again at 34? It may not be realistic to recharge your feelings.

Then wed better change our focus, wait and see if the washed out old Warcraft can get back to its original self before taking off, and play something new for you.

Source: Houchang village sports team editor: Zhou Juntao, ns4573