Trump has poked a hornets nest in the Middle East. What about his grand plan?

 Trump has poked a hornets nest in the Middle East. What about his grand plan?

According to the website of American diplomats, the current US Iraq conflict will test Trumps Asian policy. How to balance the interests of the United States in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific will make trump face a dilemma.

According to an article published by the Hindustan Times, the Iranian issue may lead to the failure of the trump administration to implement its so-called India Pacific strategy.

u25b2 on January 5 local time, in Tehran, the capital of Iran, people walked past a poster to mourn the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade Sulaimani. (Xinhua News Agency)

According to Zuo Xiyings analysis, judging from the current situation, the situation will continue to escalate despite the new height of us Iran tensions. However, the two sides still exercise some restraint and the probability of a large-scale war is relatively low.

Zuo Xiying believes that the escalation of the situation in the United States and Iraq will bring certain obstacles to the implementation of the India Pacific strategy of the United States, and may divert attention in a specific period. However, he pointed out that it is necessary to see that this will not bring significant changes to the overall deployment of the United States in the Indian Pacific region.

This is the scene of the special session of the national assembly, which was filmed in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, on January 5 local time. (Xinhua News Agency)

For example, Iran announced that it was entering the final stage of suspending the implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement, and Iraq passed the latest events such as the resolution on ending the presence of US troops, all laying an important foreshadowing for more uncertain events to happen in the Middle East.

Tian believes that if the trump administration will have to deal with the Middle East affairs frequently afterwards, the strategic deployment of the United States in other regions will be hindered to some extent.

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