Lattice welcome Neymar back? Barcelona or a blunder: fight lautaro!

 Lattice welcome Neymar back? Barcelona or a blunder: fight lautaro!

Grizman welcome Neymar? World sports reporters brain circuit is really amazing. Grizman has proved countless times that he is unfit to play in the left wing. Once Neymar returns to Camp Nou, the Frenchman will lose his main position immediately. In this case, how could grizman welcome Neymar?

Last summer, Barcelona had a long-standing scandal with Neymar, but they failed to complete the transfer. Messi even asked publicly I dont know if the senior management will do their best for Neymar. Spanish TV six pointed out that Neymar is not the real target of Barcelona. In the summer, Barcelonas number one target is lautaro.

In Barcelonas view, the introduction of a new center is far more important than the introduction of the left wing. Suarez is Barcas only centre forward and he is about to turn 33. But in the left front position, even if grizman is not suitable, Barca also has denbelle, Fati, Carlos Perez and so on.

However, it is very difficult for Barca to reach lautaro. Inter have repeatedly said they will not sell lautaro this summer. Now the whole market points out that Real Madrid also intend to pursue lautaro this summer in order to find a successor for Benzema. Lautaros penalty is 110 million euros, which Barcelona Real Madrid have to spend to get the Argentinean.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin editor in charge: Liu Yun ns4812