The female driver drove 11 times to open the hot pot of car friends

 The female driver drove 11 times to open the hot pot of car friends

Hangzhou female driver in the face of illegal stop Jaguar, 11 under the road, or face criminal detention! The other side didnt leave contact information, call 114 no one! (source: video synthesis)

Yesterday, in a group of Jaguar wechat car friends in Hangzhou, a video caused discussion among car owners.

In this video, a Jaguar SUV is parked in front of a white cross-country vehicle in a side parking space. Toyota cannot drive out because it is blocked by Jaguar. It has backed up 11 times and hit the side of Jaguar until it left the scene.

Some netizens in the group of car pals said that if you look at the Toyota car from the video, you only need to turn more patiently. It may be that the female drivers skill is too poor. Some friends also said that its definitely wrong for the car to block others. At least you should leave a contact information on the car.

Yesterday, in the circle of friends and shaking, this video also triggered a lot of discussions. Everyone who hit the car and who was in the wrong place had different views.

The video shows the crash in Tonglu, Hangzhou. Today, Tonglu police also confirmed that the incident occurred in the Lishi department store parking lot on the South Street of Tonglu on January 4. This is a local comprehensive shopping mall in Tonglu. There are many restaurants, KTVs and shopping places. People are very popular at ordinary times, and parking spaces are also very tight.

At 9:00 p.m. on the 4th, Tonglu traffic police received an alarm from a car owner. His car was hit in the parking lot of Lishi department store and the other party escaped.

Police rushed to the scene and found that two doors on one side of Jaguar were seriously deformed.

Through the monitoring, it was found that Jaguar was not parked in the parking space at that time, but was parked in the aisle in front of the parking space, just blocking the vehicles parked in the parking space. At about 8:40 p.m., a white Toyota Prado SUV was blocked by Jaguar and couldnt go out. More than 10 minutes later, the driver accelerated a dozen times to hit Jaguar through reversing, and finally drove away from the scene after colliding the vehicle away.

The traffic police then contacted the owner of the Toyota. The next morning, Ms. Yang, who was driving, turned herself in at Tonglu traffic police accident squadron.

Ms. Yang, a native of Tonglu, is in her 30s. According to her own description, she was eager to go back and found that there was no contact information left on the Jaguar car. She called 114 to remind the other party to move the car. After waiting for more than ten minutes, the other partys owner didnt come. In anger, she drove into the Jaguar car that was blocking her.

Police said that because the incident happened in a closed parking lot, which is not under the jurisdiction of traffic police, it can be seen from the video that Jaguar cars are parked in a row of cars, but in fact, this is a passage, and it is not allowed to park. It is likely that there are vehicles parked in a row due to the tense parking space, and other vehicles will follow Jielong. In addition, the security of the parking lot is negligent in management, which leads to Xu Many vehicles are parked at random.

According to the traffic polices on-site investigation, its very difficult to drive the vehicles in the parking space when the vehicles are parked horizontally in front of the parking space. Some cars with shorter length can also drive in several directions, but the involved Toyota off-road vehicles are relatively spacious and cant drive out. But even so, Ms. Yangs intentional collision is still undesirable.

As this is not a traffic accident, Tonglu traffic police has been handed over to Tonglu Chengnan police station for further handling. Police said that Ms. Yangs act was intentional damage to others property. At present, a third-party appraisal agency is being entrusted to appraise the car damage of Jaguar vehicles. If the car damage reaches more than 5000 yuan, Ms. Yang may be detained for the crime of intentional damage to others property.

Today, the reporter also contacted a Jaguar 4S store in Hangzhou. In the case of serious damage to the doors of the involved Jaguar models, they may need to be replaced as a whole. The price of the two doors plus the working hours is about 40000 yuan.

The police also reminded everyone that, in any case, it is not allowed to damage other peoples property by intentionally crashing. At the same time, when parking the vehicle, it must not block other vehicles and channels, even if the temporary parking vehicle should leave contact information.

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