Show smart assistant Alexa on Amazon ces and deep integration of car

 Show smart assistant Alexa on Amazon ces and deep integration of car

Amazon cloud computing platform AWS provides large-scale cloud computing and data management services, which will become the core of Amazons transportation strategy. Were really extending ourselves more and more from manufacturing to the ecosystem of connected cars, said Jon Allen, director of professional services for AWSs automotive business

Amazon has been demonstrating its transportation strategy to investors and competitors. Amazon has invested in Aurora, a start-up of autonomous driving software. It has also signed agreements with automakers to deliver packages to car trunks, help develop electric vehicle charging networks, and use AWS to connect their factories.

Amazon will demonstrate new features on the CES stage with partners such as virtual reality company zerolight, electric vehicle start-up company rivian, blackberry and video game software development company unity technologies.

At CES, Mr. Phillips said, zerolight and GMs Cadillac brand will show how they work together to develop an online car configuration experience that will allow consumers to carry around high fidelity images of cars with online configurations and display them when they visit dealers.

This process can help dealers better satisfy users by understanding what users focus on when configuring their cars. Phillips said the move has increased the profit of Audis cars by $1340.

Using AWS back-end services, blackberry and Kara Automotive will demonstrate how to better predict the battery health of electric vehicles, allowing automakers to train drivers how to drive to extend battery life, Phillips said.

In addition, unity will show car manufacturers how to use their game simulations to create virtual worlds that allow autonomous vehicle developers to speed up training on the software used by these cars.

Amazon said a new car function, using the voice command Alexa, pay for gas, would allow users to buy gasoline at 11500 Exxon and Mobil gas stations. In addition, FCAs car entertainment system will launch a new version of firetv this year. (small)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease Technology Report